Interview: Monica Bellucci for Vanity Fair Spain February 2013


Italian actress, model and diva Monica Bellucci (D’management group) sizzles on the cover of Vanity Fair Spain February 2013 issue. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy in Paris. Here are the most interesting parts of the inside interview with Monica:


Erotic myth and model. At 48 years old and after having had two daughters, Monica Bellucci has become one of the most actively traded European actresses. We talked with the Italian diva at her home in Paris on how it feels be a free woman, about his relationship with (the also sexy and actor) Vincent Cassel and their nomadic life between London, Rome and Brazil.

– “Vincent and I are very independent. We live in different worlds. Share everything No, no we’re together all the time”

– “Smart women are amazing. I think they are more interesting than men”

Monica Bellucci welcomed us in her loft in Paris, where she lives with her ​​husband, actor Vincent Cassel, and their two daughters, Deva and Leonie, eight and a half years. Monica is all that is said about it and more: the heiress represented as Sofia Loren, Anna Magnani. And with a career with increasingly risky roles as he plays in Rhino’s Season, upcoming, where she played the wife of an Iraqi poet and violating the jail. Monica says she likes the directors who offer these roles ends: “Roles, through which I can connect to my dark side without being dangerous to anyone.”

About how she came to be an actress, says: “I come from a very stable family of a small town. A child I felt very protected and very comfortable, but it was very boring. A life so simple, all the same, summer vacations, school winter “, adding:” I had a fantastic education, very protective, and my attitude was, ‘thank you for everything, but I need the opposite, to be free.’ “

Monica, who began his career as a model, says about it: “I never felt treated like an object as a model.” The actress, who just turned 48, also speaks of the passage of time: “Becoming old is incredible, I love it. You have less fear, you lose the natural beauty of youth, but there is something very interesting that out of you.”

From late motherhood, had her first child at age 40, says: “I decided to become a mother when I was an adult, not very young, because before I wanted to enjoy my experience as an actress without feeling guilty. But if I had not lived the part of motherhood I would have died. ” And explains how the nomadic life of his family: “We organized well. We have a house in London, Paris, Rome, and now we will move to Brazil, Salvador de Bahia. We love this country, will be another of our bases.”

At home at different heights and with almost no walls, abundant photos of her husband Vincent Cassel. Vincent comes from a very different from Monica: the Parisian bohemian. Son of the famous French actor Jean-Pierre Cassel, conflicting and often playing characters with strong personality and is a child of Hollywood luxury. About him, with who Monica has spent 18 years, says: “Between us we do not talk much about movies or our shootings.

I never get involved in the choice of his movie roles nor he does in mine. We are very independent, we live in different worlds: his friends are his friends, mine are different. We do not share all, nor we are together all the time.

I find it very difficult to live together with someone and I never thought I was capable of doing it. ” Monica also states: “I could not be with a man who was not a good father.” Is Vincent a good father? “For the girls are more important than his own life.” She finally confesses: “I have so many women around me … Too many women and many men. Adore women,” adding: “Smart women are incredible, I think they are more interesting than men.”


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