How to wear a red lip? 5 easy steps for perfect red lips.


What do Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift have in common? Their is signature red lip.

Makeup trends come and go,but red lips are forever. There is nothing sexier than red lipstick on a woman… but only when done right. Yes, we totally agree with this statement.

Think you know how to wear lipstick? Think again…Keep in mind that wearing red lipstick means you will have to do some upkeep during the day.

Also it is important to find that one lipstick which has the pigment that stays on, but it doesn’t over-dry, because there’s a red for every lip persuasion. Creamy textures and bold red color can make them irresistible to us.

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Fab Fashion Fix brings five easy steps for perfect all red red lips…

1. First step is to prep your lips with a balm you are using. Let it sink into your lips for a few minutes. The balm will prevent the lipstick from sliding off.

2. Choose a red lip pencil which can but does not have to match the red shade of your lipstick. Start using the pencil by applying it first in the cupid`s bow of your upper lip. Draw an x shape and continue by following your natural lip line.

3. Still using the pencil, color inside the lip line. Then use your lipstick on the lip brush to color over the top of your lips.

4. In the next step,use your lipstick straight from the tube, slowly go over your lips with lipstick.

5. After that use a tissue by putting it between your lips and press down. It will take off the excess of the lipstick.

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We turn to one of our favorite beauty bloggers and Youtube star Teni Panosian for a classic red lip look with a subtle smokey eyeliner. Check out the step by step video tutorial below…

classic red lips

Bright red lips are a timeless and classic makeup look. Photo: Youtube/Teni Panosian

Video: Youtube/Teni Panosian


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