How to Spice Up Your Virtual Invitations


The present situation induced by the pandemic has made virtual parties more in demand.

Of course, you’d want to send out e-invites to your virtual guests for your virtual party. You don’t want to send out your virtual invitations the bland way! You’d want to create something unique for your guests.

Say no more, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to spice and jazz up your virtual invitations for a fabulous party, whether it’s virtual or physical.

4 Ways To Spice Up Your Virtual Invitation

1. Use Dynamic E-Invitation Services
Of course, you could create a boring email and send it to your guests as an invite, but you don’t want that. You might think of creating the virtual invites yourself using creative apps but that would be time-consuming and it might not come out the way you wanted it to.

Luckily, virtual invitation services are a great resource to take the stress out of creating your invitations. Top-class virtual invitation services are available to help you create dynamic virtual invites that’d wow your invitees and make them even more eager to attend your party without having to put in the work of designing your own from scratch. Not only would your chosen virtual invitation service design invitations suit your taste and party style, but they can also send reminders to your guests at your specification.

All you need to do is send a service all the required information about your party and guests and then wait. If this option sounds splendid to you, there are several e-invitation services you can try out, such as, to ensure you get the best services and customer delivery. Take a look at your options and see which best suits your needs.

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2. Add A Fancy Video To The Invite
The world is in love with visuals and graphics. You can light up your invite by including fun videos about diverse things in your invite. In fact, your invite could even be in the form of a video. If you’re using a virtual invite service, you could inform them that you want videos in your invite.

If you’re doing it yourself, you could still make use of videos. Now you might wonder about what the video should be about. It could be a video of you just having a fun time all by yourself or with your family. The video could be splashes of your pictures and that of your friends. The video could even be an animation. Nothing should stop your creativity, so don’t be afraid to go all out in making the video fun to watch. That will make your guests even more excited to be at your party.

3. Order Packages To Be Delivered To The Guests
Everyone loves receiving packages, particularly surprise packages. You could spark up your invitation and change the game by ordering packages to be delivered to your invitees. If you want them to dress according to a particular theme, you could send costumes to them.
You could also send mini decorations and related items to help your guests prepare for your party. You should only consider this if you gave the money to bear the cost and you aren’t inviting too many people. This is because the cost of getting and sending the packages could be on the high side.
If you have e-gift cards, vouchers, and coupons, you could send varieties of them to your invitees. Try to send them only what they’ll find useful according to their preferences. Little sweet gestures are also appreciated.

4. Make A Phone Call To The Invitees After Sending The Virtual Invite
If you want to make your virtual invite personal, you could call your invitees after sending them the invitation. The phone call would help build excitement for your party. Also, it’d create an opportunity for you to catch up and reconnect with your invitees. After the party, you could also call your guests and thank them. This gesture would be very much appreciated because everyone needs a touch of love at this difficult time.

Preparing for the Party
To throw a successful virtual party, you need to make adequate preparations. Here are some of the things to get done before the party:

– Make a List of All the Guests You Want at Your Party: Before you even decide to send your party invites, you should make a list of all the people you want at your party. Try to think far and wide so that you don’t end up forgetting to include someone important. After making a list, you should send your invites to them early on so they can include your party in their schedule. Also, this would help you know ahead of time about who will be present or absent at the party. Knowing this will allow you to make adequate preparation for the party.

– Set-up Your party’s Location (Virtual or Reality): No party is set without a venue. If you’re having a virtual party, you should set up the video streaming platform for your party early on so you can include the link to it on your invite. There are so many video- calling platforms that you can use to host your party. The most popular ones are Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangout. You should endeavour to use a video call platform that your e-guests can easily access. Also, you should double-check the link before the party to be sure everything is perfectly set.

Additionally, you should decorate the place from where you’ll host the virtual party. Even if the place is your sitting room, you should try to set it up and make it look like the party it is. If your party is a physical one, you should set up the venue and make it look splendid. Do remember to take care of the catering services and other aspects like your perfect party

– Plan Your Party Activities: You should make plans for the different activities you want at your party so it won’t be boring. Whether the party is virtual or reality, you should prepare activities that’d thrill people during the party’s duration. Schedule time for games, comedy, dance, friends/family introductions, and more. For physical parties, people would be able to interact and socialize easily compared to virtual parties. This means that you’ll have to make extra efforts to make the party interactive if
it’s virtual.


There’s a saying that you can know if a party will be fun just by looking at the party’s invitation. So, if you want to make the party thrilling for yourself and your guests, you should start by sending them interesting invitations. Now, you shouldn’t stop there. Endeavor to prepare well for your party and plan it appropriately, so it turns out spectacular. There’s nothing to worry about; following the tips above will help you throw a memorable party.


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