How To Feel Comfortable With Visiting The Dentist


Going to a dentist for any treatment can make people anxious, from an invasive extraction to simple cleaning. This is especially true for the new patients who haven’t been to a dental office before and have no clue what to expect. 

Dental anxiety is common anxiety, which most people experience due to fear. When people experience dental anxiety, they have a sense of uneasiness when they have appointments. Some even have exaggerated fears or worries as their dental appointment gets closer, while others may also feel ill, get nervous while waiting, or have trouble breathing and sleeping. 

Individuals with severe dental anxiety avoid the dentist altogether, and their oral health typically suffers tremendously. 

Dental anxiety is often due to fear of pain, negative past dental experiences, embarrassment, and feelings of helplessness. Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, most dentists would opt for Grove City Dental to make you comfortable. However, there are also ways on how you can feel comfortable with visiting the dentist, and these include the following:

  • Bring A Support Person 

There’s a reason why most parents accompany their kids to their dental appointments. It’s comforting for kids to have somebody they love and know in the room during a possible anxiety-producing experience. 

Adults are no different. If you bring along a supportive family member or a supportive friend can help you feel calmer and grounded during your appointment’s duration. They also serve as your advocate if you’re having trouble interacting with your dentist. Just make sure to let the staff know in advance so that they can give extra space for your trusted support person. 

  • Practice Some Relaxation Techniques 

If you have an upcoming event to attend and don’t want to overlook some common finishing touches like your teeth, you must be comfortable visiting your dentist. 

Meditation, deep breathing, and acupressure are well-established methods to help lessen anxiety, and each of those strategies can be practiced once you sit on the dentist’s chair. Of course, it helps to be familiar with such practices rather than trying them for the first time when you’re wired already. 

Consider practicing some of these techniques each day in the week before your appointment, so you know when to put them to use when you need them. 

  • Look For A Distraction 

Several patients have an easier time relaxing when they’re provided with distractions. If you’re among them, try bringing your favorite podcast, audiobook, or music on your smartphone or MP3 player with your headphones. 

If the dental equipment’s sounds bother you, try listening to a different sound to make your experience more pleasant. It’s also one of the reasons why most dentists would interact with you while you’re in a dental chair. Although it’s okay not to respond, it’s the way dentists make you feel respected and welcome. 

  • Remind Yourself That Today’s Dentistry Has Gotten Less Pain And Increasingly Safe 

The image of the dentists leering over their patients with an electric drill may be one of the things you’ll imagine or see in horror movies. However, it’s hardly an accurate representation of what goes on in a dental clinic. 

With today’s modern dentistry advancements, dental procedures and treatments are now less painful and more comfortable than before. In fact, even root canals aren’t painful anymore despite their reputation. So, when visiting your dentist, remind yourself that it won’t be as bad as you think it’ll be, and you’ll surely experience no worries in no time. 

  • Communicate With Your Dentist 

Your dentist is responsible for helping you feel more comfortable during your appointment, but you can improve their ability to do so based on your willingness to communicate. An effective solution is to establish two-way communication. 

 For instance, be honest about your anxieties and let your dentist know, so they can work with you to learn what can make you feel more relaxed and the things that can make you anxious.   

You can also ask your dentist to explain what they’ll do during or before the process. This will help you feel at ease as you’ll know the next steps and possible treatment results. 

Another way to communicate with dentists is by establishing a signal that allows them to know when you want them to stop what they’re doing. It won’t only make you feel more comfortable, but your dentist will also be aware if he or she went too far beyond your comfort zone. 

  • Pick A Dentist You Like 

It’s one of the things you can do to make yourself comfortable when you visit your dentist. It can also help you cope with your dental phobias or anxieties since your dentist plays an essential role in how you feel while you’re inside the dental clinic. 

The best dentist must be willing to listen to your anxieties, understand, and invest in helping you find some strategies that make your appointment more comfortable. If your dentist isn’t living up to your standards, it might be time to search for a new one. 

  • Be An Informed Dental Patient 

Most dental patients feel more at ease when they’re informed about their treatment. Dentists and hygienists are always willing and happy to talk to you throughout your appointment, explaining why, when, and how every step occurs. 

For instance, if the dentists are placing a filling, they may quickly shoot your tooth with a jet of air. The reason why they do this is to dry your tooth’s surface so the restoration will be done effectively. If sudden sensations or noises are disturbing you, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist to explain the step before it happens, so you know what’s happening and what to expect.



At present, dental treatments are more advanced compared to several years ago. As a matter of fact, there are ways to do treatments with as minimal pain as possible by administering anesthesia to surgery, for instance. Also, dentists recognize that people have apprehensions, so they continue to do their best to provide a reassuring and comfortable atmosphere for patients. 

Dental visits aren’t as dreadful as you think because the goal is to keep your dental health in check. So, make sure to note the above ways to stay comfortable during your appointment with your dentist and see the difference.


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