How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape


If you wear a glasses wearer, you may find that some spectacles look more attractive on display than they do once you try them on.

One of the main reasons for this is that the frames may be the wrong
style for your face shape. The shape of your face plays a huge role in whether a certain glasses style will suit you or not.

To help you find a suitable pair, here is a guide on how to choose the best
glasses for your face shape.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

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Oval Face Shape
Individuals with an oval face tend to have a softly rounded chin and forehead, with relatively balanced proportions. If you fall into this category, you are lucky in the sense that most frame shapes will compliment your face shape. This means that you can be more adventurous and pick
styles and designs that may be a little out of your comfort zone.

It’s best to pick glasses that are a little wider to get the most benefits.

Round Face Shape
People with round faces are usually fairly short and have a wider forehead, rounded chin, full cheeks, and a softer jawline. If you have a round face, it’s recommended to pick styles that enhance your softer features. Avoid picking angular frames and instead opt for rounder frames. The width and length of your face will be similar in proportion, so if you’re struggling to find the right frame, you may want to check out Art of Optiks.

Diamond Face Shape
Those with a diamond-shaped face tend to be narrower at the jawline and forehead, with broader cheekbones that may be more prominent and higher. A diamond-shaped face is the rarest out the list, so you may need to do more research to help you find the right pair of glasses. To enhance your eyes and soften your cheekbones, it’s best to stick with frames that have distinctive brow lines.

Square Face Shape
If your face length and width are in proportion, and you have a strong jaw and broad forehead, you will have a square face shape. To add extra length in the face and to balance your strong features, stick with narrower styles that are angular in shape to enhance your face. Narrow ovals and frames that have extra width than depth are advised.

Triangle Face Shape
A triangular face is widest at the jaw, which narrows up to the forehead. If you fall into this category, you will want to add additional width to this narrower area of your face, so opt for cat-eye shapes or strong brow lines, which will bring out your eyes and emphasize your face.
In addition to your face shape, there are other factors to consider when picking lenses and frames, such as your skin undertone, eye color, and hair color.
The process of finding glasses can be exhausting, so establishing your face shape and taking the above into account can make the experience less stressful and help you find a pair that complements you.


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