Highlight on the point with Technic Cosmetics Get Gorgeous highlighters


As another summer season is in full swing which means that you should forget about using dark tones in your makeup and continue with the brights and pastels.

Sun kissed and dewy skin is definitely our summer beauty goal. Looking for best summer makeup must-haves? We have just a thing for you!

Technic Cosmetics introduced their highly anticipated Get Gorgeous line of highlighters and bronzing highlighters which illuminates your skin for a radiant look. Each one of these highlighters will help you shine bright throughout the whole year.

The award winning cosmetics brand Technic Cosmetics is based in the UK has most of their products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans as well as alcohol free.


The new Get Gorgeous highlighters deliver intense sparkle and radiance.

The Technic Cosmetics highlighters have rich pigments and will always give you that extra sparkle you need to shine everywhere you go.

Beside the original Get Gorgeous Highlighter, the Get Gorgeous range now has 4 new different shades – Get Gorgeous Bronzing Highlighter, and also 3 new shades which are Pink Sparkle, Peach Candy and 24ct Gold. Each powder is super blendable and will easily adapt to the rest of your makeup without looking caked.

The Pink Sparkle gives rosy hues, Peach Candy illuminates with peach glow while 24CT Gold will give you a touch of metallic shine. The Bronze Highlighter is the perfect way to warm up pale skin. 


The award winning cosmetics brand Technic Cosmetics has all of their products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans as well as alcohol free.

Why we love these Get Gorgeous highlighters? If you are looking for a radiant finish, then these highlighters are just the thing for you. At first the colors look intense but they are really quite subtle and give that natural glow all of us want to achieve with makeup.

The colors are super blendable which makes them easy to use for every skin tone. These might become your favorite highlighters and they are quite affordable in comparison to other brands (each costs £4.00).

24ct Gold Highlighter Powder

Get dramatic glow with 24ct Gold Highlighter Powder.

24ct Gold Highlighter Powder


Original Get Gorgeous Highlighter will make you sparkle.


How to use Get Gorgeous highlighters?

You can have that stunning glow in just a few steps. Apply it on the brow bone, cheek bones and tip of the nose creating a gorgeous dewy and illuminated look!

How to increase the pigment even more? Spray a bit of your setting spray on your brush before applying your highlighter to wanted areas of your face.


The Get Gorgeous Pink Sparkle highlighter gives rosy hues and a subtle touch of pink color.



Peach Candy highlighter will add peach glow to your best features.



The Get Gorgeous Bronze Highlighter will warm up your skin no matter what the season is.




Images: Photos by Fab Fashion Fix


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