Health: Four drinks that will get you back into shape


If you want to get back in shape in a healthy and easy way, Fab Fashion Fix brings you a few healty and simple drinks that will help you to feel more rested and exercise with more energy.


Beetroot juice – Though his taste deters many, beetroot juice has magical properties to strengthen the blood count. Rich in nitrates that facilitate the flow of blood to the muscles, giving you the strength to persevere in exercise. Do not forget that the improved blood flow to the best way to get rid of cellulite. If you cannot stand the bitter taste add add a little honey or sugar.

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Coffee – This fact might come as unexpected but caffeine slows the spending glycogen precious energy reserves in the body, and gives you the fuel to endure exercises longer than usual.



Coconut milk – This unusual drink is rich in potassium, which reduces muscle spasms – and all with minimal calories. Coconut milk is especially recommended for those who are extensively engaged in exercising yoga or pilates. In case you have missed it, see our article about the benefits of coconut oil.




Chocolate milk – Although it is often avoided in fear of calories, when it comes to exercise and calories are not such a bad thing if it comes from the right foods. To our great delight, chocolate milk is just one of them. The mixture of carbohydrates and protein chocolate milk helps healing of micro-muscle injuries that occur during intense exercise and lead to muscle inflammation. Within 45 minutes after exercise drink this in order to allow the body to the crucial moment occurs right nutrients.





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