Pulled apart Dutch fishtail braid hairstyle tutorial


New year comes with new hairstyles to try. We cannot get enough of saying how we love braids and braided hairstyles because of its versatility. Braid it! The fishtail braid could be a new and stylish way for your to rock a braided hair.

From Diane Kruger and Blake Lively, to Zoe Saldana and Nicole Scherzinger, our favorite female celebs love fishtail braids and make us even more inspired. In case you have missed it, see out hair tutorial How to do fishtail braid hairstyle?

After mastering this basic fishtail braid, it`s time to take it to another level. One of our favorite beauty blogger Amber Fillerup, creates fabulous hair tutorials for her website Barefoot Blonde and has a new inspiration for all of you beauty lovers. Amber will teach us how to make pulled apart Dutch fishtail braid hairstyle. 

First start out braiding like a regular fishtail braid, then put the sections of your hair underneath instead of over top. Grab hair from outside and continue braiding sections underneath, to that all the way to where you want your braid to stop. Then pull apart your braid as much as you want and secure the braided part to the back of your head with a bobby pin. Another way to wear this fishtail braid is to just pull it up into a ponytail.




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Check out the easy step by step video tutorial by Amber Fillerup and learn how to pull off this chic pulled apart fishtail braid….

Images: Instagram/AmberFillerup

Video: Youtube/Amberfillerup


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