Gisele Bündchen joins Under Armour Women as their newest “Woman of WILL”


Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen joined the Baltimore-based sports apparel company Under Armour as their newest “Woman of WILL” for the “I Will What I Want” women’s campaign. Gisele knows what it means to live under the microscope, amongst the noise of contradicting opinions. But will beats noise. On her official Facebook profile, Gisele stated: “I believe that when we have a clear focus and work hard, we can achieve everything we want. Thank you Under Armour Women for having me as part of this inspiring campaign.” The campaign video shows Gisele working out with a heavy punching bag while public comments in bold white lettering flash across bare brick walls of the gym. This campaign has the purpose to emphasize the strength of women who have broken barriers to reach the top of their field, designed to lure women athletes and athletic women to the brand. Gisele signed multi-year contract which is apparently more worth than the contract that she had with Victoria’s Secret back in 2000. Congrats to Gisele!




Imsges: Facebook/Under Armour

Video: Youtube/Under Armour


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