Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 collection


Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli presented his Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 collection at the Paris HC fashion week. The first piece of this collection was a coat dress with black and white animal print, quite unexpected, but later on those prints were changed with delicate play of flowers and nude colors on embellished dresses with beautiful silhouettes (long and mini skirts). The accessories included golden flowers as necklaces, bracelets and as crowns on the head.


Kate Bogucharskaia (NEXT)

Kate Bogucharskaia

Kate Bogucharskaia1

Juliana Schuring (ELITE)

Juliana Schurig

Juliana Schurig1


Luca Adamik (NATHALIE)

Luca Adamik

Luca Adamik1

Marine Deleeuw (ELITE)

Marine Deleeuw


Marine Deleeuw1

Georgia Hilmer (NEXT)

Georgia Hilmer


Georgia Hilmer1

Kremi Otashliyska (ELITE)

Kremi Otashliyska

Kremi Otashliyska1

Antonina Vasylchenko (IMG)

Antonina Vasylchenko


Antonina Vasylchenko1

Mackenzie Drazan (ELITE)


Katlin Aas (IMG)

Katlin Aas

Andreea Diaconu (IMG)





Agnes Nabuurs (VIVA)

Agnes Nabuurs

Carolina Thaler (NATHALIE)

Carolina Thaler

Iris Van Berne (NEXT)

Iris van Berne


Iris van Berne1

Katya Riabynikina (WOMEN)

Katya Riabynikina

Lindsey Wixson (ELITE)

Lindsey Wixson


Valery Kaufman (MARILYN)

Valery Kaufman

Kinga Rajzak (IMG)

Kinga Rajzak


Julia Nobis (ELITE)

Julia Nobis

Ewa Wladymiruk (CITY)

Ewa Wladymiruk (

Ava Smith (MARILYN)

Ava Smith

Noam Frost (NEXT)

Noam Frost

Daria Strokous (WOMEN)

Daria Strokous

Vanessa Axente (VIVA)

Vanessa Axente

Elena Todorchuk (CITY)

Elena Todorchuk


Marie Piovesan (OUI)

Marie Piovesan

Mirte Maas (WOMEN)



Caroline Brasch Nielsen (ELITE)

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Hanne Gaby Odiele (IMG)

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Louise Parker (MARILYN)

Louise Parker

Lin Kjerulf (NEXT)

Lin Kjerulf

Jemma Baines (NEXT)

Jemma Baines


Magdalena Jasek (MARILYN)

Magdalena Jasek

Tilda Lindstam (IMG)

Tilda Lindstam


Video: Youtube/fatalefashionll


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