Get the look! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars in a beauty tutorial with make-up guru Lisa Eldridge


She is one of the beauty icons of today. British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars in a beauty tutorial with our favorite make-up guru Lisa Eldridge.

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel and star of “Mad Max” movie is very well known for her signature gorgeously golden and glowy makeup look, and now Lisa shares with us her natural day look, very glowy, with slightly winged eye and perfect pink pout.

We also love Rosie sharing her love for makeup with us, as she stated: “I’ve always loved make-up and how transformative it is. And I love that time in the morning getting ready or before I go out in the evening, because it’s my time. And it’s putting your war paint on, your mask.”


Lisa begin the tutorial by applying Amazing Radiance Cream from Rosie for Autograph Makeup Collection and this leaves the skin looking healthier and more luminous for a natural dewy glow. Next thing is the base and Lisa used Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Foundation ( Lys Rose 02 shade) and applied it using a Zoeva brush to even it out on the skin.

After that Lisa then applied the new Rosie for Autograph Makeup – Miracle Concealer under the her eyes and to cover some tiny blemishes and blended with a brush. For blushing cheeks Lisa used Stila – Convertible Color ( Lillum shade).

To highlight Rosie’s gorgeous cheekbones, Lisa mixed together Rosie’s radiance cream with cream blush to create a dewy finish. Then she added Rosie for Autograph Makeup – Starstruck Highlighter to the top of her cheekbones and pats it in with her fingers.After that it was time to set the makeup with loose powder, so Lisa used T Le Clerc loose powder (Banane shade) to set the concealer.

Then it was time do Rosie’s eyes. Lisa used Rosie for Autograph Makeup – Eyeshadow Palette – Copper Gold Rush and applied a light wash all over her lids. To enhance Rosie`s eyes even more, Lisa used Stila – Kajal Eyeliner (Tigers Eye shade) working it into the roots of Rosie`s eyelashes and did slightly winged eye at the outer edges.



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Photo: Snapped from Youtube

In order to define Rosie’s brows, Lisa applied a few strokes of Pür Minerals Wake Up Brow pencil (Latte shade). After that it was time for Bourjois – Volume 1 Seconde Mascara. To warm up the skin, Lisa used Rosie for Autograph Makeup – Bronzer ( Magic Contour shade).

For the finishing touch Lisa applyed a light coat of pale pink Rosie for Autograph lipstick ( Rose Lace shade ) followed by a Bourjois Effet 3D Max lipgloss.


Photo: Snapped from Youtube


Photo: Snapped from Youtube

Video: Youtube/Lisa Eldridge


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