From the Earth to the Sky, discover new UNOde50 jewelry collection


Inspired by the magnificent universe and elements of Earth, Spanish jewelry brand UNOde50 brings their new women`s jewelry collection entitled “From the Earth to the Sky”, for the upcoming autumn/winter 2014-15 season. Throughout the history, people had always been fascinated and inspired by the universe and sky. Today, once again jewelry shows us that inexhaustible inspiration in a form of contemporary women`s jewelry line. With these one of a kind designs, this handcrafted jewelry collection takes us on a universal journey through a telescope. After receiving the press release from UNOde50, we stopped to think about what makes this jewelry so special?

Intricate details like white pearls represent the lunar phases; tiny colored Swarovski crystals will make you feel like you can touch the stars; silver plated XL chains are inspired by planetary orbits; dragonfly inspired pieces that exude a sense of freedom. We never though that jewelry can be so stylish and send a universal message at the same time. Respect for the universe and Earth, admiration for the endless Sky and its energy are the core values of this collection.



The UNOde50`s creative design team combined modern and contemporary style with the use of traditional materials like silver plated metal or gold plated alloys, leather, crystals and glass. All of these pieces undergo hypoallergenic treatment so that they are also appropriate for people with allergic reactions. Until having the perfect piece of jewerly, the whole process of product design, shaping, casting, coating, mounting and handling is carried out entirely in Spain.

This new “From the Earth to the Sky” collection can be divided into five different lines with distinctive pieces.

1. The “Orbits and lunar phases” line is especially marked by the use of pearls, which have always been a symbol of refined style and elegance. In case you have missed it, see our Style Guide: How to wear pearl jewelry? The original women earrings come with hoop-shape, while the bracelets come with a set of pearls mounted on silver-plated spheres or set in silver-plated hoop-shaped trinkets. The Pearlting bracelet combines pleated black calfskin bracelet with a white pearl. The necklaces come in various styles – from short necklaces with beads to shorts necklaces made of leather. The long necklaces come with a white pearl set on a silver-plated sphere or with two fine chains linked to a white pearl setting. These are perfect for wearing as back necklaces and emphasize your back.

2. The “Stars and nebulas” line is especially ornamented with worldwide known SWAROVSKI® crystals which make this jewelry stand out even more. The bracelets are silver-plated and come with multicolored Swarovski crystals or triangular shaped Swarovski crystals. The rings are also silver plated and come in XL size with classic or multicolored Swarovski crystals. The Meterastic necklace comes with very attractive square shapes and large central Swarovski prism crystal in blue.

3. The “Air, water and sand” line follows contemporary style. The bracelets come with silver plated beads, crystals and a touch of leather laces. These are perfect for those who love the layering and stacking bracelets trend. The long leather earrings with silver-plated beads with hand-crafted crystals, necklaces with several rows of silver-plated beads and hand-crafted crystals in earthy tonesexude the bohemian vibe

4. The “Animal instinct” line was inspired by animal life and prints. We can safely say that there is kind of rock and edgy vibe in the jewelry. The rings come in the shape of horns,while the earrings are silver plated and also have horn shape. The most outstanding piece among the necklaces is the Fangtastic silver-plated necklace with ivory-coloured natural resin horns.

5. The “Gold” line exudes timeless elegance with details such as small hearts, crosses, teardrops and lockets. The Counting are large chain earrings with eardropmix coated in gold pendants. The bracelets come with a attractive mix of leather strands and gold.



Here are some of our favorite pieces from this unique jewelry collection…

A pearl of wisdom – Unique, silver-plated ring hand-crafted in Spain with a greyish coloured pearl setting joined at the sides with brown leather.


The fang – Unique long necklace with a silver-plated chain and an ivory-coloured natural resin in an XL horn shape.


Star-Alone – Brown leather bracelet with a grey triangular SWAROVSKI® crystal. Hand-crafted in Spain.


Free Dragonfly – Unique bracelet with rounded beads and a silver-plated dragonfly charm linked together with leather knots.


Orbit – Hand-crafted, uniquely designed, oval-shaped earrings.




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