Expert Tips for Buying High-Quality Leather Wallets


Wallets are the perfect gifts for many occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries because they are both great looking and practical. Leather wallets are an excellent choice as they are long-lasting, high quality, and can stay looking brand new for years if taken care of in the right way. There are many different kinds of leather wallets on the market in a variety of different styles and qualities so it can sometimes be hard to know which wallet you should buy. 

This article will take you through some expert tips on how to buy high-quality leather wallets so that you are sure that the wallet you’re purchasing is of great materials and will withstand the test of time. 

Choose Wallet Type 

There are many leather wallet types available on the market, with different types of features. The most common type of leather wallets bought by men is foldable wallets. They are the most practical kind as they can hold cards, money, and sometimes coins too. Foldable wallets can be either bi-fold or tri-fold wallets with bi-fold wallets folding once while trifold wallets fold twice. Another type of leather wallet is the minimalist wallet which is exactly what the name promotes: minimalistic and small. They are very slim wallets that can only carry up to four cards. Minimalist wallets are recommended for those who wear clothes that are well-tailored to their bodies as other wallets may cause bulges in clothes because of inflated wallet size, especially when full.

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Expert Tips for Buying High-Quality Leather Wallets

Pick Wallet Colour

Choosing your wallet means also choosing the color of your wallet. Because leather wallets are expensive, you want to choose a wallet color that fits appropriately with your choice of wear. Think about your daily life when deciding which wallet color to buy. If you’re more casual and are always wearing jeans, a lighter leather color could be suitable for you. If you’re always wearing suits then you can opt for a darker leather wallet. Your job can also determine what color of wallet to buy. 

Check for Lifelong Guarantee

Because a high-quality leather wallet is a big investment, you want to make sure that your leather wallet comes with the promise of staying with you for a long time, worth the money paid. Experts at Bullsheathleather recommend always making sure that your leather wallet comes with a lifetime guarantee, especially one that has a guarantee against artisan defects. Your high-quality leather wallet should last a lifetime and remain of the same quality that you originally purchased it. In fact, high-quality leather wallets tend to look better as time goes on. Many wallets come with a guarantee for 100 years against any artisan defect so you should pick a leather wallet that comes with this promise to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. 

Ensure Leather Quality

The most important tip when buying a high-quality leather wallet that seems pretty obvious is making sure that the leather that the wallet is made from is of good quality. There are several types of leather available that a wallet can be made from. The first type is Full Grain leather which is the thickest and most durable type of leather because it has gone through the least amount of processing. Pattern and color are subject to different variations because of external factors out of control of the manufacturers. On the other hand, Split Grain leather is made of lower quality leather and is divided into two layers: the Top Grain Leather layer and the Split Leather layer. Top Grain Leather is typically made by sanding leather fabric down and then painting it with resin in order to get rid of any imperfections and make it look fancy and polished. Split Grain Leather is the most popular material that leather wallets are made of but is of lower quality and less durability than Full Grain Leather. However, people tend to go for wallets made from this material as it is usually more reasonably priced than wallets made of Full Grain Leather. 

Choose Good Construction Type

When it comes to leather wallets, there are two different construction types. They are Turned Edge and Cut Edge construction types. In wallets constructed with the Turned Edge construction technique, the edge of the wallet is usually pretty thin and is turned or folded before being stitched. Alternatively, wallets made using the Cut Edge construction type have edges that have been cut and stitched before they are coated in resin. Turned Edge wallets are usually more long-lasting and look nicer than those made with the Cut Edge construction technique. Unfortunately, they tend to be more expensive than Cut Edge construction wallets.  

Check Wallet Craftsmanship

The final expert tip while choosing your high-quality leather wallet is to choose one that has meticulous wallet craftsmanship. The first thing to check when it comes to craftsmanship is the positioning of the lines of stitching in your wallet. Stitching in a high-quality wallet will typically be positioned centrally while a low-quality wallet will have crooked stitching lines and off-balance.

Expert Tips for Buying High-Quality Leather Wallets

Wallets are arguably the most essential accessories that men wear. Leather wallets can instantly upgrade a man and make him look like the most stylish man on the block, raising his social status. In order to buy a great quality leather wallet, you must consider the wallet type, wallet color you want to purchase, leather quality, construction type, and craftsmanship. 



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