Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Trends for Spring


We’re so happy that winter is coming to an end, and the gorgeous sun is coming back to play.

We can get a little sad in the wintertime when we’re covered up with layers and heavy coats, and we’re a little disenchanted by our closets. Spring is when we get a little hop in our step back, and we’re able to jump into a whole new batch of trends. While for some people, the most important part of spring fashion is the clothes, we still like to keep a close eye on what’s happening in the accessory world. Nothing is more fun to explore about accessories than jewelry.

Jewelry is almost an extension of the body. While fashion trends focus on the runways and the art of it, fashion is still very much associated with the body and what’s flattering. While we’re busy focusing on the places we want to cover up during the winter, we can forget about the parts of the body we want to highlight.

Some people might not be able to tell that jewelry is just as important with regards to flattering the body, and even enhancing it (as well as enhancing the outfit we have on). For example, a particularly good necklace can point out what a nice neck or collarbones we have, and can elevate an outfit from a six to a nine (though we’re always hoping that we walk out of the house
looking and feeling like a ten!).

If you’re concerned or excited about the upcoming spring fashion trends, then know that that also includes jewelry options. While Coco Chanel said that you should leave the house once you’ve taken at least one item or accessory off, make sure that the ones you do keep stand out. Here are some of the most important and stylish jewelry trends for the spring season. You’ll want to know what’s going to be popular and how to style it the right way, and you’ll be one step ahead of the rest.


Hailey Bieber wears one of the spring’s biggest jewelry trends – hoop earrings.

1. Let’s Get Into the Hoopla – Stylish and Heavy Hoops
Gold hoops seem to always be in fashion, and that’s because there are so many variations of them, as well as different ways of wearing them. While large, slim hoops might be what you’re into right now, know that heavy hoops are what’s in this spring. Whether small or large, hoops
have been seen in the ears of the models walking down the runways.
A lot of the styling of these kinds of hoops relies on your hairstyle. While you can have your hair styled down and in a low-maintenance fashion, it’s nice to highlight what’s in your ears, too. You might want to style this earring look with a messy top knot for ultimate ear accentuation, or a
sleek pulled-back ponytail. Whatever you choose to do styling-wise, just get a pair of these ASAP.

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2. Chain Me to the Trend – Chain Necklaces
Chain necklaces are something we saw on the runways more rampant than hoops. Like hoops, they were seen in great variation. What was most apparent about this trend is that similar to the hoops trend, chain necklaces were worn as more of a statement piece to accentuate a simpler outfit. That means they were chunky at the front and center. These necklaces were also seen in various colors and paired with other necklaces for a busier look.
What’s a great way to style this trend? First and foremost, you should be thinking about how your neckline can sustain this trend. Would you like to highlight the chicness and simplicity of a black turtleneck with a chunky gold chain, or a few? Run DMC would approve, but this is also a trend that pulls off chic and sassy quite well.

If you have a lower neckline, think about sticking with a longer necklace that could accentuate it, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, a chain that comes closer to the neck to accentuate the plunging neckline. Whether covered up or exposed, this trend can work.


Irina Shayk walks Versace SS 2020 fashion show. (Photo: Armando Grillo / Gorunway.com)

3. Not Your Childhood Charm Bracelet
What’s wonderful about jewelry is that it can be a bit nostalgic and a bit kitschy. You can get away with some design techniques in jewelry that are understated or totally over the top. As more and more designers like JewelryLab and others innovate their techniques, jewelry can be an entirely new way of expressing your style aside from your clothes. The charm bracelet is an item we’ve no doubt seen while growing up.

It could be a mark of friendship or milestones. With each new charm, the bracelet became more personalized. The charm bracelet defined a way of expression that could be worn, shared, and added according to your liking. It was a way of individualization in a time that could have been more about assimilating than you’d have liked (adolescence can be rough!). What better way to implement this spirit in your adult years than by bringing this trend back? Charm bracelets were seen all over the runway, and while they weren’t quite representing our favorite characters from our formerly favorite movies or TV shows, they did serve us a steaming plate of high fashion alongside it. That’s right – the charm bracelet has now been elevated. We see some flashier charms that are chunkier and more visible. If you’re asking how to style this trend, that makes sense. It could be a little daunting in that charm bracelets can easily get attached to your clothes and cause unnecessary rips. Luckily, this is a spring trend. Make sure you wear this trend with a heavier fabric and try to sacrifice your sleeves.

Think about how cool this would look with an all-leather or all-denim jumpsuit. You’ll be looking like a much cooler version of your younger self with this trend.


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