Essence Studio Nails line for nail care and whitening


When it comes to nails, sometimes the best way to go is to choose the natural and elegant french manicure look for your nails. Beauty brand Essence Cosmetics brings line of nail products for nail care and whitening, called Essence Studio Nails. Not only do these nail polishes help you get naturally white nails but also with them you easily achieve the elegant look of french manicure on your nails.

This nail care and nails polish line brings the following products:

1. Studio Nails Pro White Effect: With the use of this nail polish you will have natural white nails. The fast-drying nail polish with a special anti-yellow formula lightens natural nails as well as artificial nails to give them a gorgeous and long-lasting shine.


2. Studio Nails Pro White Gloss: Get the perfect nails with the fast-drying pro white gloss and its special anti-yellow formula. This nail polish not only ensures naturally white nails, but also offers a radiant shine and long-lasting gel-finish thanks to its unique texture. It also optically brightens nails, creating a natural french manicure look.


3. Studio Nails Pro White Rose: With fast and easy formula, in only a few steps you can get the perfect french manicure look in rosé. With the fast-drying nail whitener and integrated anti-yellow formula, creating a perfect french manicure is as easy as child’s play.


4. Studio Nails Pro White Hardener: In order to get strong and white nails use this nail hardener. This nail polish strengthens your nails and promotes nail growth. it also contains an anti-yellow formula to naturally lighten your nails and provides a high-shine finish.





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