Dior “One Essential” serum


French luxury fashion house and beauty brand Dior brings the One Essential serum which eliminates toxins, reactivates the skin’s cellular regeneration, and protects it from polluting particles. It is the 1st detoxifying booster serum by Dior. Everyday billions of toxins build up in our skin, which changes our skin cells.

After 10 years of research, Dior brings the One Essential serum which removes completely the unhealthy toxins from the skin. The new active ingredient – seaweed extract,dubbed “Détoxinyle” actives the natural toxin-elimination mechanism in our skin. The One Essential serum is adapted to all skin types and intended to purify the epidermis deep down.


The One Essential serum comes in the following products:

Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum
Enter a new eye dimension; enter the avant-garde vision of Dior. The 1st cellular regenerator for the eye zone.


Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask
When skin needs vitality, you need the “Cure Ultra-Detox”. The new Ultra-Detox One Essential Restorative Mask eliminates toxins and has a profound restorative action on the skin.* The secret? A ten-fold higher concentration of Détoxinyle™, Dior’s detoxifying active ingredient, for skin that is like new: perfectly smooth, plumped up and glowing.


Super Skin boosting Serum
The One Essential serum is 1st Universal Skin Boosting Super Serum by Dior. By eliminating toxins*, One Essential triggers exceptional regeneration* to reinforce the skin’s youthfulness.




Images: dior.com

Video: Youtube/Dior


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