Christian Dior fall/winter 2016 collection – Paris fashion week


French luxury fashion house Christian Dior unveiled their highly anticipated fall/winter 2016 collection at Paris fashion week fall 2016. Raf Simmons is gone from Dior, which was one of the reason why this collection attracted so much media attention. The brand`s studio team was ahead of designing this collection.

Everything was about combining and mixing together. The collection was focused on black silhouettes as crisp as the sheets of white paper on which they spring to life: dense, textured, embroidered and quilted. There follow hand-painted dévoré velvets, re-colored jacquards inspired by one of Monsieur Dior’s iconic sketches – the one of the Ice Cream dress, fragments of color, embroidered motifs atop prints, a touch of leopard.

Necklines play on sensual allure; the shoulder is draped, concealed or laid bare; a flash of skin without false modesty. Volumes and silhouettes emerge from the sway of a line, a stylistic circumlocution. The influence of men’s tailoring and work clothes accentuate the determined stride of an urban jungle explorer. Peplums are asymmetrical and sometimes exaggerated; large pockets on workwear and wide, buttoned martingales offer up a new interpretation of the lines on the Bar suit. Dior silhouettes with generous volumes define the Dior woman’s new reality, one that is free and dynamic, current and intuitive.

There is a new icon among Dior handbags – a bag entirely embroidered or in exotic leather, ostrich, crocodile and lizard mixed together to create an aesthetic friction.
















Kendall Jenner














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