Jump Into the Fashion Swim for 2018!


Depending upon where in the country you live, beach weather is long gone in the rear view mirror, and for most of us, the next resort and cruise getaways are months away.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for swimsuits, though. It seems women are always looking for fashionable swimsuits like Body Glove swimwear. Even if you’re not going to be rocking it on the sand or by a tropical poolside any time soon, that suit you’ve been wearing for laps at the gym is getting kind of tired, isn’t it?

Swimwear fashion evolves and changes like everything else, so when you’re searching around for something new, keep in mind the trends that lit up the runways at Miami Swim Week. You’re sure to find something that fits your style and your figure:

Ever-So-Sexy High Cut Legs
Nothing stretches the length of your legs like a one-piece suit cut way up toward your hips and beyond. It’s a real classic bathing beauty look and flattering on just about everyone because the one-piece controls your curves and the high leg makes the look sizzle.

Extravagant Cleavage
This is a trend that’s been building for a while. If you thought that this year’s styles were the lowest that suits could plunge, guess again. Some are more-or-less modestly inset with mesh, which are a lifesaver for the well-endowed, but if you’re built more sleekly, you can bare as much as you want.


String Bikinis
It’s a good thing you learned how to make knots in Girl Scouts, because string bikinis are back in fashion again with more strings than ever. If you don’t care what your mama would say, you can also find the skimpiest of thong styles for next year, as hot as anything on a Brazilian beach.

Sporty Chic
Just because you love the water and want to make the most of enjoying it by surfing, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and doing other active sports, you don’t have to be a frump while you’re at it. You can be chic and still be comfortable and protected because fashion has finally met up with sport technology. You’ll find a wide variety of colorful full-coverage long-sleeve tops paired with bikini bottoms and also in one-piece body suit styles. They’re perfect as rash guards in the water and sun protection on the sand. And if even you’re not actually training for a triathlon, you’ll still look great.

Crop Tops
Triangle tops will never go away, but the newcomer this year is the top of a two-piece tied in front like your favorite crop top. It’s an adorable look, and honestly, it’s more comfortable to wear. No tugging or periodic checking necessary! Pull on a skirt, shorts, or jeans, and the crop top takes you to town for lunch or shopping, too.

Details, Details, Details
Suspender straps, tassels, lattice strips on a suit’s sides, ribbons of fabric around the midriff… not all at once, thank you, but certainly not to be missed. Some are a little bit bondage, some a little bit punk, and some are just plain seductive. Take your choice.

Get a fresh, fun look by mixing up your tops and bottoms. On purpose, of course. Not only is it an eye-catching look, but it can be great for your figure, too. Stripes are hot for 2018 and you’ll be seeing lots of them in muted as well as fabulously vivid colors. So, for example, if you’re slim-hipped try a striped bottom with a polka dot top. If you’d like to add some oomph to your bust, reverse the order and do a striped top with a flowered, dotted, or solid bottom.

Cover-Ups That Do More Than Cover Up
It’s definitely time to replace that sad long T-shirt you’ve been using to throw on over your swimsuit for a stroll to the beach bar. (Yes, we’re talking to you. You thought no one noticed?) Next season’s cover-ups are really more fashion than cover, with see-through pants and sarongs, dramatic collared capes, kimonos of whisper-thin floral chiffon, and toppers of openwork crochet and lace. Just make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and you can indulge yourself in the most fanciful styles around.

Have fun shopping!



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