Best winter skin care tips


No matter what type of skin you have, the winter weather does not favor her. Low temperatures, wind and stay in the office and the flat where the air is often dry skin are more sensitive than usual.

Therefore for normal and greasy skin type can develop problems such as tension, peeling, redness, or roughness. For dry skin, which is naturally thinner, these problems are becoming more acute.

Lead to the loss of natural elasticity, softness and suppleness, and the only answer to that is – frequent hydration.

Face care
When choosing facial cleansers, avoid those with alcohol. Use a mild detergent to wash the face, no soap, and creamy lotions or miclearnu solution to remove dirt and makeup.
Its lightweight, summer face cream that replace fatty and rich textures. The same goes for the body, in order to avoid cracking and peeling skin due to the cold.

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Avoid hot showers. Although hot showers possible after a pleasant stay in the cold air, which dissolved the lipid layer of the skin which leads to extra dryness. The solution is showering in warm water or speed showering.
Oil baths are much better choice winter because skin retain needed moisture. After bathing, pat gently wipe the skin with a towel to avoid further irritation.

Lips protection
Cold and windy conditions unfavorable effect on the lips, making them more chapped and dry. Keep the quality lip balm in a purse to several times a day feed lips, instead of trying to lick hydration. This will create the opposite effect. Olive oil and honey are a great choice for simple masks homemade lip.
Although conventional wisdom holds that the government is applying balm with SPF booked for the summer, this, of course is not true. In winter it is very much needed high sun protection factor, especially if you often stay in the mountains.


Hand care
Hands are constantly exposed to cold and wind, why require special care. Invest in a hand moisturizer that protects against external influences and premature aging. If necessary, apply the cream to several times a day, especially before bedtime. Do not forget a pair of good quality woolen gloves.

Inside hydration
Increased intake of fluids in the body is not reserved just for the summer months. For winter it is recommended to intake 2 liters of fluid a day, both water and herbal teas. This is definitely the cheapest and most efficient way to give your body a much needed hydration.

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