Hair: Kérastase Elixir Ultime scented oils for hair


After the great success of the best-selling product in the history of the brand, Kérastase, Elixir Ultime oil, proudly launched three new scented oil Beautifying Grand Crus. Blended with the most precious extracts worldwide, Elixir Ultime now provides results depending on the needs of the hair giving it the ultimate luxury.


Kérastase Grand Crus scented oils provide all the benefits of universal oil for hair combining technology oleo Complexe from the original Elixir Ultimea and adapt to specific hair types. So Rose Millenaire + Oleo Complexe variant for fine and delicate hair adorned with delicate floral scent, the formula is enriched with vitamin E protects hair from UV radicals, and the result is nourished and shiny hair without overburdening.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Scented Hair Oils

Moringa Immortel + Complexe oleo oil intended for damaged hair, and contains valuable elements of the Moringa tree, which is known for its strength and power of concentration best nutritional elements harshest climates. Besides leaving a warm floral fragrance is currently repairing damaged hair, smoothes and makes it soft to the touch. Kerastase hair color is intended Oleo + The Imperial Complex, enriched with the essence of rare white tea is rich in antioxidants beneficial. A light floral-fruity fragrance, hair color luster, brilliance and care.


This multifunctional oils can be used in several ways:

– before washing in preparation for a bath, when assisting in the removal of impurities with intensive feeding

– as intensive care without washing her hair when she needed extra feed

– applied to the lengths and ends before blow-drying, Elixir Ultime nourishes hair with Rejuvenating effect, and the oil reserves of the active ingredients inside the hair fiber for immediate transformation

As a finishing styling looks for improvement and control of charging and curling from humidity
as a product for demanding hair every day which require additional controls and nourishment.





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