Hair: How To Protect Your Hair From the Sun This Summer?


Summer is here and that means that you have to protect yourself from the sun. As much as we all love having bronzed skin from the sun, we must remember that sun can also cause damage to our skin, hair and increase the likelihood of skin cancer.

Just like our skin, for healthy looking hair one must take steps to protect our hair from the sun heat. The sun Heat can ruin and dry out your cuticle and scalp. In extreme cases it can also cause inflammation. Here are are few simple tips you should follow in order to protect your hair from the sun:

1. Use sunblock: use sunscreen by simply putting a dab of sunscreen in your hair and rub it in your palms. Then you can run it through your hair. This will help protect your hair from the harsh UV rays from the sun.

2. Wear a hat or head scarf: while this might sound a bit obvious but by putting on a hat or head scarf you can protect your hair, your scalp, and your face from UV rays that love to tear into that beautiful skin. Looking this from fashion perspective, the hats and head scarves are very stylish accessories and can make you look fabulous. In case you have missed it, see Style Guide: How to wear head scarves?

3. Find good shade: when the sun is beating down on us, our hair begins to dry up. If you are in and out of the water (a pool, lake, ocean, etc.) the water can serve as magnifying glasses and really do a number on your hair. So after drying a bit from the water, stay away from the sun and find some place to relax in the shade.


After you leave the beach and move away from the sun, you should take a few steps to heal your hair and keep ti nourished:

1. Use oil: after spending the day in the sun, heal your hair by rubbing olive, argan or coconut oil in your hair. You can find argan oil hair products in Macadamia natural oil hair care products. The simplest way to incorporate coconut oil into your treatment is directly intervene oil into your standard shampoo to wash hair. Prior to mixing, it is necessary to melt the coconut oil to become liquid, then pour oil into shampoo bottle and shake it well. You can also use coconut oil hair masks.

2. Drink Water: this tip doesn’t help your hair directly but it helps your hair follicles, which is needed for healthy looking hair.

3. Vinegar Rinse: harsh chlorine and water pollutants can stick to your hair for weeks. Rinse your hair with vinegar to get rid of the unwanted chlorine and other substances from water.


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