Get the perfect hair waves with flat iron


Everyone loves wavy hair, from celebrities to everyday fashionistas. Since the holidays season is approaching, most girls and women like to add something special to their look by creating the perfect waves in their hair. These perfect luscious waves will make you look more glamorous for any occasion.

Of course you can also easily get waves by using curling iron, in case you have missed it, see Loose Curls Hairstyle Tutorial. But now let`s make them by using flat iron and following these steps:

1. Brush through your hair to remove tangles and this will make your hair smoother.

2. Turn on your flat iron (straightener) and let it heat up. While choosing your flat iron, make sure it is about one inch and round.

3. Section your hair into as many parts as you feel it is neccessary. Then starting in the front, take the first section of your hair and hold your flat iron at the top of the strand, by the root.

4. Clasp it, flip your flat iron for 180 degrees and pull down slowly. Then flip the flat iron the other way and pull down slowly. Keep flipping slowly until you do it for all of your hair.

5. After you have finished, spray your hair with some hair spray.






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Fab Fashion Fix visited beauty channels from our favorite Youtube beauty bloggers Nicole GuerrieroCarli Bybel and Camila Coelho to get the step by step video tutorials on how to create perfect hair waves with flat iron. Check out the three video tutorials below….

Images and Video: Youtube/Carli Bybel; Nicole Guerriero; MakeUpByCamila2


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