Makeup: Complete guide to make-up brushes


We all know how much women love make-up. For the perfect make-up looks professional make-up brushes are essential and you need to know how to use them. Whether you use pressed, loose, mineral or liquid make-up, there is a make-up brush for everything.


Make-up Brushes for Face – After using face make-up brushes your make-up will be softer, smoother and look more polished.

1. Foundation brush – Designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish, the bristles are tightly packed with a tapered tip for fluid application. 


2. Concealer brush – Flat brush with a wider base and a pointed tip. Use to apply concealer under the eyes and to cover spots.


3. Bronzer/powder brush – This brush can be used for both compact powder and bronzer. It is full and soft.


4. Face contour brush – Slanted and rounded in shape, the contour brush mimics the angles of your cheekbones. Use this brush for highlighting with bronzer or illuminating powder.



Eyeshadow Brushes – When it comes to eyeshadow looks the use of brushes will make colors look smoother and more blended.

1. Eyeshadow brush – This brush is large and flat. The soft bristles have a bevelled edge for a smooth application without ‘dragging’ the eyelid. Use it when applying colour.
eyeshadow brush
2. Blending eyeshadow brush – Use this light brush to blend eye colour.

Blush Brushes – If you want to achieve soft and flushed cheeks, use blush brushes.




Lip Brushes – They are great to achieve sheer affect or a beautiful glossy finish on your lips. 

1. Lip brush – The sculpted tip of a lip brush is perfect for achieving a flawless line. The bristles are short and firm for controlled application.
lip brush

For more tips and tricks with make-up brushes check out the video tutorials below…


Video: Youtube/Makeupgeektv&MakeupVideoTips


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