8 Ways to Look Chic and Fashionable in Spring 2021


Dressing is an art form. Everyone wants to look amazing and stand out from the crowd. Though the global pandemic made the fashion world a little quiet last year, the spring as always has unveiled flamboyant, stylish and bold designs. The season’s looks include bold blue bags, large and in-charge blazers, sleek face masks, and more impressive fashion items that will make you look fashionable and attractive.

So with no more ado, here are eight fashion trends of 2021 that will make you stand out this spring.

  1. Innovative Trench Coats

The trench was been a feature of many spring seasons in the past. This year, we’re set to see the trench being popular again – but with a difference. In spring 2021, the trend can have unique features such as dramatic labels, drop waists, and bold sleeves. The trench is a fantastic piece of clothing – you can use it to keep warm on the way to the office or a formal event, or through it on over jeans and flats when shopping on Saturday morning. This season, you’ll be able to embrace this practical item will making a fashion statement at the same time!

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  1. Florals

Floral motifs featured heavily on the runways of the Spring 2021 shows, with bright, dynamic florals the norm. You can follow this trend with bright yellow or orange floral print shirts and dresses that will let you embrace the spirit of spring. Floral motifs this season aren’t just about prints, however. You can also express the floral trend with flower-inspired garment shapes such as tulip dresses and skirts – all in neon colours of course!

  1. Knitted Face Masks

We’ve been a fan of chic knitwear for a while, and knitted facemasks are the next, logical step for our modern, disease-conscious world. After all, most of us are now wearing a mask every day, so why not make it part of your outfit by choosing a mask that doubles as a fabulous fashion accessory? Spring 2021 will see a trend for knitted masks treated with an anti-microbial solution making them effective against COVID-19. Wool is a strong, durable product that can withstand heavy wear and regular washing, making it ideal for face masks. Additionally, wool knit masks are stretchy, flexible, and comfortable and many styles include an opening that allows you to insert a filter for extra protection.

  1. Headscarves

The headscarf will be another key fashion accessory in spring 2021. This fun trend is a throwback to the 1950s and 60s, so let your vintage maven come out and rock a cute headscarf, whether silk, floral, or a single dramatic bold colour. The headscarf adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit without going over the top. One cool twist we’re seeing on the classic headscarf in 2021 is scarves featuring block letters printed on brightly coloured fabric.

Miroslava Duma at Paris fashion week fall 2013 (Photo by Diego Zuko).

  1. The Boyfriend Aviator Sheepskin Jacket

A flattering aviator jacket is perfect for pairing with a comfy T-shirt on cool spring days. This season, we’ll be seeing aviator jackets crafted in rich sheepskin and cut generously to avoid bulkiness. We’ll also see trimmed leather features to add a little contrast to the jacket and asymmetrical closures inspired by biker jackets. Rock an oversized aviator sheepskin jacket with straight-leg trousers for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. 

  1. Slouchy Roll-Neck Dresses

There are few garments more comfortable and versatile than a slouchy, fine-knit dress. This styles is perfect for spring, and you’ll love the effortless chic of the roll-neck neckline. Lookout for these dresses in merino wool, a natural, breathable fibre that is ideal for both warm and cold conditions, providing an efficient microclimate around your body. We’ll see these dresses cuts to fall just above the knee to give you get a heavenly look when paired with knee-high boots and bare legs. Or you can wear this style with chic leather leggings and trainers for a city-ready style.

  1. Pastels

Wondering what colours you should be wearing to be on trend in spring 2021? Well, this season is going to be all about sorbet pastel tones. Pretty and feminine, we’ll see shades like soft lavender, girlie pink, and mint green popping up in everything from twin sets to business suits. Celebrate the end of winter with colourful pastels!

  1. Cinch-Waist Belts

Another big trend this season will be waistlines that are cinched in to define your curves and give your body more shape. You can easily achieve this silhouette with a dramatic, cinch belt. These belts are available in all kinds of styles, from girlie bows to edgy metallics, so you’re sure to find something to suit your look.

Spring, the sweetest time of the year, is the perfect season show off your own unique, elegant style. Take the latest trends and make them your own!


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