8 surefire tips for selling your car quickly and safely


Are you going to sell your car? When it comes to selling a car, whether used or used, it is normal for owners to seek better ways to value it to guarantee the sale.

Therefore, many aspects must be considered for the sale, since all of them will be evaluated for the purchase. If you are thinking of selling your car, it can be tempting to simply take some pictures, post on some vehicle buying and selling sites and think that everything is fine. But to make a good sale, you need to plan and even adjust some items. It is not a matter of camouflaging defects or performing “makeup” to hide problems, unethical and dangerous attitudes.

But there are repairs that are more relevant than others, which is why we separate this content, which is really worth fixing. This way, the expenses are not high, and can help you profit more when selling your car. Some factors may be responsible for the success of the sale, as well as its failure. Therefore, it is important to gather all the attributes of the vehicle, selecting the most relevant and attractive items to the consumer.

However, be careful, as inventing qualities about the vehicle is not suitable and can cause problems in the future. The idea is to highlight the positive points that the car really has.

First of all, a good offer can be very tempting, but this will not be the only criterion observed. Consult any vehicle by the license plate in a few minutes. The process of selling a vehicle, by itself, is already delicate and thorough. In addition, there is still concern about the time it will take for the vehicle to leave its garage.

For these reasons, some precautions at this time are crucial. Check out some tips that are sure to make the issue easier.

So, here are the 8 surefire tips for selling your car:

1. Vehicle history
When evaluating a vehicle for purchase, one of the first characteristics analyzed is its condition. Bearing in mind that the good condition of the vehicle depends on the care taken during its use, it is essential to gather all the documents of revisions made, maintenance and exchange of parts, as they will be useful when negotiating the sale. This way, the buyer will be able to confirm the maintenance of the vehicle and will be safer to make the purchase.

Yellow modern little car, Fiat 500, parked on a street in Naples

2. Appearance of the vehicle
Do you know the expression “the first impression is what remains”? With cars, this is also true. Showing the car to an interested party with a plate full of dents is unattractive. Therefore, repairing scratches and dents is a good choice. There are repair paints that are sold in specialized stores. In addition, most of the workshops also repair small dents, which, although they may represent a previous expense, could translate into more profit in a possible sale. Again, before any internal aspect, the look of the vehicle is highlighted. The first contact with the car will be due to its appearance and may or may not lead the interested party to investigate other issues more thoroughly.

Simple cleaning gives a new look. If carpets and upholstery are properly
cleaned, for example, printing will be of little use. The bodywork is also very important, so scratches or dents can devalue the appearance of the vehicle and decrease its value. So, before you put it up for sale, take it to a workshop to polish, unmask and maybe even renew your painting. Polishing is also valid for windows that are heavily scratched.

3. Engine
There are those who believe that an engine wash is enough to improve its performance. But it is not quite true. The engine may stay clean for a while, but the oil stains will come back if you have a problem, for example, like an oil leak. In that case, if the engine is in perfect condition, flushing the engine can help. But beware: being honest with your customer remains the best option. Do not try to hide engine problems with a simple wash. However you don’t need to pay attention to engine problems if you are going to junk removal.

4. Remove all customizations
A customized car can please, but there is no way to guarantee that it will please everyone, since these are modifications made based on the taste of each person. In order not to pollute the look of the vehicle, it is best to remove all the stickers and customizations made, chosen by your taste.
Remember that someone else may not like the look of the modified vehicle. As the accessories, couplings or many props may take longer to market, the ideal is to keep it with the original equipment.

5. Ad on the internet
Given its high and fast transmission of information, the internet is an excellent means of communication to advertise your vehicle. Your publication can reach a good reach and take your offer to interested people. Trust me, it works!

6. Detail vehicle characteristics
After choosing a reliable website for the ad, the next step is to describe all the characteristics, details and data of the vehicle, highlighting information about its time of use and treatments that have been done since its purchase, for example. Also, invest in photos to show the good condition of the vehicle. Another factor favorable to the sale is to mention some particularities, for example, if the vehicle has never had an accident or if it has fuel economy.

7. Attractive price x fair price
There are two issues to consider at this point: the value of the vehicle is not always attractive to the buyer; and the value below the average can cause distrust in the interested party. The low price can report a possible problem with the vehicle and, consequently, the seller’s desire to get rid of it.
On the other hand, a very high price can discourage the interested party and hinder the sales process. To do this, you may need to negotiate and offer more affordable forms of payment. Therefore, it is best to verify a fair value that both parties benefit from and invest in other positive details to guarantee the sale.

8. Oil leakage
Oil leakage is one of the main concerns of drivers because it involves the “heart” of the vehicle: the engine. And as much as this type of problem can scare, it is often easy to repair. With the natural wear and tear of the parts, in some cases, the oil leak will not weigh on your wallet. With these small adjustments – which may not cost a lot of money – you may be able to sell your car at a good price. But, like any commercial relationship, the most important thing, most of the time, is to be honest with your potential buyer, not least because many of them already have a reserved; budget for any repairs. I hope the tips were helpful! Do you consider another important factor that can assist in the sale of a vehicle? Collaborate by leaving your suggestion in the comments.


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