5-Point Checklist When Looking For The Right Sportswear


It might not look like it, but buying the right sportswear can actually become a daunting task.

This is especially true if you have just started working out or playing sports. Having the right sportswear can make all the difference when you are out there working out or engaging in your favorite sport. This is why it’s important to invest in stylish yet comfortable sportswear that will allow you to move easily. The right sportswear can also become your motivation to get you going as you start your journey towards fitness. But how do you look for the perfect sportswear?

Check out this 5-point checklist when shopping for the right sportswear:

1. Comfort
You can’t have sportswear that’s uncomfortable because comfort is essential during training. As such, avoid choosing sportswear that’s made of fabric that can irritate your skin while working out. For example, choose trackpants that have breathable material and just the right degree of
elasticity. If your trackpants are chafing, this can become a distraction, and you won’t be able to go at full speed when you run.
Choose sportswear made from anti-chafe materials as these are designed to give you maximum comfort, and they feel soft and seamless on your skin. Sportswear made from premium Merino wool is also a good option as it eliminates itching and chafing. When picking sports apparel, it’s important to determine which fabrics may or may not irritate your skin.

2. Size
Pay attention to how your sportswear fits you. Choose one that allows you to loosen up and move freely when you work out. Opt for sportswear that’s made from a small amount of spandex as not only will this provide a comfortable fit, but it will also give you more freedom to move when working out.

3. Odor
You can’t do anything about your sweat because it’s part of working out. Sportswear that isn’t made from polyester or cotton are most likely to give off a bad odor as a result of too much sweat. Polyester and cotton are known to move sweat very quickly to the fabric’s outer surface so it won’t stick to your body and leave a foul smell. Pick sportswear that contains natural anti-odor properties that wick sweat away from your body so you’ll stay drier and cleaner when working out. Because of this, you’ll feel fresh even after intense physical activity.

4. Stretch
One of the worst feelings when working out is wearing sportswear that doesn’t stretch, or one that’s having a hard time stretching over your body. When you work out, you are putting immense strain on your body and on your clothes as well. If you wear normal clothes when working out, there’s a tendency that your outfit will get torn because of the intense movements
you have to do. Not wearing sportswear when working out also limits your actions and movements, which prevents you from properly doing exercises in the gym or even at home.
Get sportswear that’s made from four-way stretch materials that have better resistance against wear and tear so you can move however you want.

5. Thermal
You’ll actually feel the difference between quality sportswear and a cheap one when you start working out and the weather starts to turn. You don’t want to feel too hot while running on the track or during a training session to prevent your body from overheating.
This is why you need to choose sportswear that has thermal properties and excellent sweat- wicking capabilities. It will keep you nice and warm, as well as make you feel comfortable throughout your workouts or training sessions. Pick sportswear with a good thermal outer layer made from Merino wool as this is an excellent insulating fabric. This should keep you warm enough before you start working out and will immediately wick away sweat as soon as you begin exercising.

It’s also important to mention the pricing of the sportswear you’re looking for. Prices of sportswear on the market usually depends on its brand, technology, and the kind of fabrics used. There’s a variety of sportswear from different brands that you can buy depending on your budget. Wearing the right sportswear can motivate you to train more and be active. Sportswear can also help boost your confidence, especially if you are working out in the gym. For any training or workout sessions, being comfortable is of utmost importance. It is therefore recommended that you choose the right quality of sportswear depending on the type of workout, training session, or sport you are doing.


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