5 of the Best Down Jackets to Wear for Hiking


Down jackets are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any traveller.

Not only will they keep you warm and dry in the most adverse conditions, but a good jacket will also make you look the part while you scale mountains and trek across landscapes. However, the high the demand for down jackets has led to a lot of poor quality ones being made and sold, so you need to be careful when you’re searching for one. You don’t want your jacket to rip easily, or to find out it isn’t warm enough after it’s too late. That’s why we’re here to help you out with our list of the top 5 down jackets to wear for hiking.

First on our list is the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded. If you’ve often struggled with down jackets in the past and have felt as though they weigh you down too much, then this jacket is definitely one you should consider. Purposefully designed to keep you as warm as possible without weighing you down nearly as much as other jackets, this design is available in a lot of different colours, including a vibrant light blue we are a big fan of. If you’re going hiking and the forecast tells you that the weather is going to be good, then this jacket would be a big bonus for you. It is a little loose around the wrists which could let cool air in, but overall this is definitely a jacket worth investing in.

Next up is the Feathered Friends Eos jacket. Much like the down jacket we discussed above, this is also built to feel a lot lighter than the majority of other coats. It looks a bit bulkier, and while this may take away from its overall look it probably adds that little bit of extra warmth you’ve been craving. It’s been criticised in the past for its lack of aesthetic designs, and for being more dull looking than other down jackets. However, it still does the job it’s designed to do and is very popular. This jacket is always in high demand so it could take a little time for it to be delivered, but it’s definitely worth an investment.

If you’re looking for a great waterproof down jacket, then the REI Co-op Stormhenge 850 jacket is for you. Available in a great variety of colours, it offers brilliant protection against the elements and is a comfortable fit as well. Certainly consider buying this jacket if you’ll be hiking in high places with an ominous weather forecast.

The Mountain Hardwear StretchDown Hooded has a great modern design and a stretchy material designed to fit snugly around your body. While not the most warm jacket in the world, it’s another jacket which would be great if you know your weather is going to be decent and you don’t have to worry too much about torrential rain or snow.

Finally, we have the Rab Neutrino Pro down jacket. This is the perfect jacket for heavy winter conditions, offering you absolute protection against even the harshest of weather. Although it’s probably too warm for the summer months, it’ll be well worth your money if you use it wisely throughout the winter period, and will work wonders at high altitudes with cold weather.


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