5 Fashion Resolutions for 2021


With the new year comes new resolutions. This year is the time to rethink your fashion mindset. Let’s look at getting out of your comfort zone.
Invest in some casual boots for women and wear them more often to get your full value. Stop buying items you’ll only wear once. Be conscious about your clothing purchases. Here are five things you can do to get started on making better choices about your wardrobe.

Educate Yourself About the Fashion Industry
No, you don’t have to go to fashion school, but you should know and understand some of the pitfalls in the industry. Learn more about sustainable fashion to make better purchases that are eco-friendly. Take some time to read fashion labels and about designers that you support. Learn more about taking care of your clothes.


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Buy Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable fashion or circular fashion is about fashion that is ethically made with resource efficiency. Make a point to choose items that are biodegradable, ethically made and/or recyclable. Know the origins of your wardrobe, from your hairpieces to your women’s shoes. It may take some time to research the label and know how they make their pieces, but you’ll feel better about your wardrobe when you know the designer’s values.

Buy Better
Make a pledge to buy less clothing this year. Be selective in your choices. Opt to shop out of your own closet more. Shop with purpose. Only buy pieces that you like and will wear with other parts of your wardrobe. One rule could be that any item you buy must work with at least 10 other pieces in your closet. Shop at consignment stores as part of your sustainable commitment. Spend most of your money on clothing that will last for several seasons.

Support Local Fashion
Local businesses support the economy more than most people realize. It’s time to support local stores and fashion designers who supply local jobs and keep money going locally. It’s estimated that about 70% of your money spent locally is kept local. It’s more than taxes. It’s local businesses that sponsor non-profits. Your local businesses add to your community’s personality. Shopping local can reduce your environmental impact. Make a point to buy clothing from local stores and support local designers.

Make Bold Choices
If you felt isolated in 2020, your fashion closet may feel neglected. Make 2021 the year you take on some bold fashion choices that make you stand out. Have fun with your clothing and find a style that fits your mood and personality. Wear what feels right. Take joy in dressing up for the occasion.

Take Care of Your Wardrobe
As a bonus resolution, make 2021 the year you make a point to hang up your laundry when it comes out of the dryer. Take your good wardrobe pieces to the dry cleaner. Maintain your nice shoes. Have a pair of cheap womens sneakers to wear when it’s wet to protect your more expensive shoes. Clean out your closet and get rid of items you’re not going to wear. Enjoy your clothes and experiment with fashion to have some fun when you’re going out.

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