10 Plus size models you should follow on Instagram to get some fashion inspiration


The world is definitely getting a better place to live as millions of people continue to fight for being accepted and loved as just a person is. People are certainly coming to love in all its forms and we expect that things will keep improving in this regard.

So many celebrities have taken a step against body shaming and shut the mouths of haters for good. World renowned clothing lines are now extending their labels to the plus size market as well; this in itself speaks so much about the changing times and perspectives.

Instagram, in a way, has played a crucial role in bringing about body positivity and has done its share in making people feel confident in their own skin. Everything really boils down to this: you should love yourself, and be comfortable with what you are, no matter what. If you want to wear fancy and stylish plus size lingerie in Australia, we see absolutely no reason why you should not.

Why should you not experiment with fashion and trends just because you are not necessarily a particular body type? So girls go all out and wear whatever you like without holding back. Here is something to get you started: 10 plus size models you should follow on Instagram to get your fashion inspiration.

1. Gabi Gregg (@gabifresh): Gabi in the bio section of her Instagram page tells us that she is a feminist; and just as we would expect, she is all for body positivity.


2. Denise Mercedes (@denisemmercedes): A proud Latina, Denise is a plus size model and blogger who stands by by the thought of loving self, no matter what.


3. Diana Sirokai (@dianasirokai): Diana is a plus size model who is all for body positivity and promotes self love in all ways possible.


4. Saffi Karina (@saffi_karina): This gorgeous model with even gorgeous curly locks is a plus side model. She has modelled for brands like H&M and is all for embracing self.


5. Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada): In her Instagram bio, Naomi describes herself as a Model and storyteller and she surely inspires a lot of women to be the heroes of their stories.


6. Jordyn Woods (jordynwoods): This gorgeous plus size model has got her fashion game on point and her Instagram account give you some serious inspiration for your wardrobe.


7. Jezra M. (@jezra_m): This Vincentian model is a true inspiration for everyone as she bats for pure body love and wants everybody to love and accept their bodies just as they are.


8. Fluvia Lacerda (@fluvialacerda): Fluvia’s Instagram page will surely give you some serious style goals. Her effortless style is something which everyone would like to steal, if given a chance.


9. Tess Munster (@tessholliday): This fierce plus size model fights and aspires for self love and acceptance. Tess totally slays the fashion game and is truly an inspiration.


10. Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham): Ashley is a highly successful model who has been successfully playing her role as a body activist since years. She believes that everyone is perfect as they are.



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