Writing an Essay: Introduction, Body, Conclusion


Sometimes it’s just not enough to have inspiration in order to write a good essay.

They’re more complicated than you’d think, and sometimes, only sometimes, it can be too easy to write it.

The essay should have five paragraphs.

As an unwritten rule, the basic high school and college essays have five paragraphs.

1. Introduction
2. Body 1
3. Body 2
4. Body 3
5. Conclusion

The whole idea for this system is to make it easier for the reader to get the ideas that were included in the essay. If you choose to use the same structure for your entire essay, the reader cannot get over it quickly, and he will not find the relevant pieces of ideas. If you have troubles writing it, then you might want to take a look at some essays online from experts.


The introduction
The idea of the introduction is to present the essay. This is also known as the argument or the thesis. It’s
that introductory paragraph that shows what you’re going to talk about. It should grab the attention of
the reader, and it should make them want to go on.

The argument has to be clear – one sentence in which you explain your position in some way that you don’t let the reader’s mind doubt any second about what you’re going to write about. After the thesis, you’ll have to give a small outline which gives examples of what you’ll use in the rest of your essay. This shows the reader what to expect when reading it and it will also make them understand it better. If you design your sentences this way, then you leave enough space to move to the first paragraph of the body of your essay, without feeling like you left a hole.

The body
This is where you write it all in detail. You need to use a strong argument with a good example. The first sentence is the topic sentence that is related to the examples given in the introduction. Also, sometimes it’s best if you write a bit about the context, even if the example is famous. In general – five or six facts about the topic should be enough. Then, you need to explain why the example is relevant to your thesis. It’s a very important part of your

The conclusion
This final paragraph represents your final chance to state your case. You should think of it as the second introduction because it is a summary of everything you wrote. Four sentences should be enough. Let’s call it a restatement of your argument statement. Also, don’t forget to make the reader understand that you’ve made your case and that this is the end of the discussion.


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