When an Action is Worth a Thousand Words


We talk a lot… We say things, share our ideas, fantasies and hopes, make promises and so on…

However, it often happens that we just say and do nothing that can lead us to our goals and can help us fulfill the dreams. We commonly try to use the ability to talk in full, but, unfortunately, sometimes we forget that the words, not supported by the actions, are nothing!

Actions Speak More Powerfully Than Words

When it comes to feelings and relationships, don`t forget that most ones cannot be expressed in mere words, they need actions to speak for them. For example, you can tell someone about your love, but until you prove that with your behavior and, moreover, actions, the other person will probably won`t trust you and it`ll be quite right! In this case, words are cheap… in principle, not only in this case! Just think about it…

Words Should Inspire Us to Act

There are a lot of inspirational action quotes that tell us about the need to act and not just talk the talk. Have you ever thought why so many famous people try to tell us about the importance to do things? Why have they left us an enormous amount of wise sayings? Perhaps you should pay more attention to them and draw the right conclusions from their good advice because they really can program us to act and, of course, to motivate.

Actions Lead Us to Success and Self-Realization

Okay, if we`re talking about inspirational action quotes, let`s remember one of the most motivational ones by a well-known artist Pablo Picasso, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Well, this means that hoping isn’t enough to success and self-realization and dreaming as well. For example, if you`re dreaming about traveling, that’s cool! But until you make this travel, you won’t find yourself and, moreover, you can`t believe in yourself as well as trust yourself. So when you want to go on a wonderful trip, stop talking about it, stop just planning it… start putting all your dreams and plans into actions because your life is in your hands!

Well, if you are simply talking, nothing is happening. When nothing is happening to you and to your life, that’s the worst thing you could ever have! But when actions take place, you`ll get the chance to improve yourself and your life, you`ll get the chance to prove yourself and others what you`re worth, you`ll get the chance to realize yourself and be successful, you`ll get the chance to show that you`re a person who always move forward and who show your thoughts not only through your words but also through your actions! And don’t ever forget that any action is much better than a thousand words…                                                                                                                                     Written by Andrew Guerra https://bestquoteslist.com/


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