How to Find the Best Shaving Machines for Your Needs


Electric shaving machines have earned the male audience ever since they showed that you can remove facial hair without the risks that razors imply.

Shaving machines are quicker, more effective and even safer than the old-school razors. It’s always an appropriate time to turn to the best shaving machines. However, you risk purchasing the wrong product if you don’t have a set of criteria to fit your needs.

Electric technology has so much to offer that you may deal with so many specs of the best shaving machines available. You can choose from shaving styles, designs and options that you enjoy more than others. Hence, it’s a challenge when you’re unaware of those options and possibilities. We have gathered the most key features of the best shaving machines that suit your needs.

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Different face shapes should highlight certain facial features—not every style looks great on every guy.

Why You Only Need the Best Shaving Machines
The choice of your shaving machine is personal and should not rely on recommendation. What someone likes might not fit another person. Therefore, you should first determine what you wish to find in a shaving machine, instead of choosing a product because it’s suitable for another person.

You can find details and features of the best shaving machines available now. Read the experts’ tips and considerations. Specialized websites such as also provide you with specs, pros and cons and lists of accessories or cases to fit shaving machines. Throughout reading the article, try to also respond to the below questions:

– Do you travel a lot and need a portable shaving machine with a long-lasting battery?
– What’s more important to you – increased comfort or shaving speed?
– Do you have a sensitive skin?
– Are you keen on a specific shaving style?
– Are brands important or are you on a tight budget for the purchase?

Essential Features of the Best Shaving Machines
Women find men with beard and facial hair more attractive, according to a study. However, they need to be cared for and look healthy. Here’s how to keep your skin healthy by choosing the right shaving machine for you.

– Foil or Rotary Shaver?
– Foil or rotary refer to shaving style.
– Foil shaving machines use a linear and thin layer of blades which are covered in metal. These help you have a smooth and close shave and suit men with sensitive skin, who prefer to shave small hair frequently.

Rotary shavers have a spinning mechanism which cuts in circles and closely follow the contour of your face. They are suitable for men who shave occasionally and choose to keep their facial hair visible. Although it’s not suitable for maintain a beard, it provides a versatile shave.

Battery Life
The battery life of your shaving machine allows you to determine whether you are happy with products you can only use at home, or you need them for travels. Although battery lifespan is usually around 2 – 3 years, you can find shaving machines with batteries that last for up to 7 years.

Usually, machines charge in an hour However, many of them also include a quick charge option for a quick shave. You should consider charging time as your entire ritual might revolve around having a charged machine.

Cleaning System
Many of the recently released and best shaving machines have automatic cleaning system. Why is it important? Imagine leftover hairs that remain stuck in your electric shaver and soon find a way into its mechanism and cause it to burn. This means your shaver lasts for a few uses. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance should either be automatic or easy to perform.

Brushes should have access to the entire space where facial hair can remain. Make sure you check the cleaning system of the shaver before purchasing it.

Water Resistance
Wet and Dry Technology electric shavers are usually water resistant. There are many plausible scenarios which include you quick shaving in the shower. If your shaver can perform its task in both wet and dry environments are also bathroom accidents risk-free.

Moreover, these machines allow you to shave while still having cream on your face.

Other Features
– Moving directions can help you easily maneuver your shaving machine.
– Integrated or removable trimmers allow you to style your moustache and sideburns.
– You can figure out the cutting power by comparison and find the right one depending on how often you shave.
– Low-cost or extremely expensive products might not suit your needs. You can find some impressive electric shavers which comply with both your budget and expectations.

The Best Shaving Machines are Yours
Your electric shaver could be awaiting in an online store, a specialized shop or a men’s store next to your home. Once you’ve made your choice between the best shaving machines, you can now enjoy quicker and more efficient shaves.Remember that the electric shaving machine makes an investment you can use for years. If you made the right one, you will enjoy results, and a smooth non-irritating shave!


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