Tips to Take Care of Sensitive Skin


You know the trouble that come by having sensitive skin; having your skin react to new products and developing rashes. You can’t just use everything on your skin. You never know which new product or skincare regimen could cause your skin to become red or inflamed.

Sensitive skin is prone to allergies, breakouts, rashes and flakiness. If you have sensitive skin, your body does not retain moisture. Also, your skin absorbs chemicals from products easily, therefore, causing a reaction. Therefore, you need to be gentle when taking care of your skin and remain persistent, depending on your age and environmental factors because constant switch in skincare routine would damage your skin’s protective layer and natural pH balance. The following are the things you can do and you can also find a solution here.


Use organic products
This is your best solution because products made out of natural ingredients won’t be too harsh on the skin and improve its texture in the long run. Get mild soaps and body washes because they are made out of essential oils and contain natural fragrances. Commercial products have artificial fragrances, preservatives, anti-aging ingredients cleansing chemicals that could damage your skin in the long run.
You could also try using baby soap or body washes occasionally as they are mild on the skin. Use mostly organic products and if you want to switch, select hypoallergenic products to address your skin needs.

Rose water is not an option
Make rose water a priority as it is extremely gentle on the skin and its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties can prevent rashes, inflammation or breakouts, reduce scars and avert aging signs. You could use rose water as a toner throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Always keep rose water spray with on wherever you go. You could also take a bath with rose water and it helps cleanse and replenish your skin, giving a natural glow.

Sunscreen should never be skipped
Apply sunscreen every day, throughout the year because harsh rays of the sun would only aggravate your skin conditions and speed up aging. Select sunscreen for sensitive skin from a trusted brand or consult your dermatologist to recommend a product that works best for your type of skin.

Always remove makeup before sleeping
Never sleep with your makeup on because your skin would absorb the nutrients and become damaged in the long run. Let your skin breathe while you sleep. After a long, tiring day, give your skin time to rejuvenate and repair skin tissues. You should not be applying heavy makeup anyway. Remove makeup with micellar water solution as it is ideal for sensitive skin and helps even out skin tone.

Less is more
Your skin takes time to build tolerance to products. Therefore, changing products repeatedly would ruin the skin texture. Do not use several products at one time. Allow your skin to breathe and revitalize.

Choose the right products
Use gentle toners or exfoliators that are made for sensitive skin. It’s possible that many brands you use may cause irritation. In that case, you would have to discontinue usage.

Wash your face
Your face accumulates germs and pollutants when you stay outdoors for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to keep a mild face wash for sensitive in your handbag if you’re going to be out for long hours. Follow up with a light moisturizer so that your skin remains hydrated and does not break out.

Easy on the cosmetics
Use makeup products that are light on the skin and are devoid of fragrances. The artificial ingredients could cause skin damage and blemishes. Get the right makeup for your skin after consultation with a dermatologist. Do not try products before your next event as the reaction could temporarily ruin your appearance.

Go natural
You could find stuff in your kitchen to make masks out of fruits and vegetables to cleanse your skin, even skin tone and radiate and natural glow. Instead of using commercial masks that could cause long term damage, it is wiser to switch to natural ingredients and make them yourself. This way, you would know what is going into your packs and you could try out different remedies to see which ones suit your skin the best.


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