Style Guide: How to perfect the rock chick look


Styles come and go over the years, but one that has remained a constant since its emergence in the 70s is the “rock chick” look.

It’s a style that took its inspiration from the likes of Debbie Harry, Courtney Love and Kate Moss, when it was a look intertwined with a lifestyle of heavy rock, heavy partying and heavy substances.

But these days, and with a new generation of fierce and fab women making their mark on the rock music industry, it’s a look that has morphed into one that combines grunge with glam, sultry with sophistication and punk with poise. You can think of Avril Lavigne or St. Vincent, but this style also got the model Alexa Chung, the actress Kristen Stewart and the poker player Liv Boeree.

And the rock chick look is one that you can easily pull together yourself. Check out these tips on how to create edgy and fierce rock chick perfection through your outfit, accessories, shoes, hair and make-up.


The beauty of recreating a rock chick look through your outfit is that you’ll find most of the staples already in your wardrobe. All you really need is a pair of distressed skinny blue or black denim jeans—the older the better, and with rips at the knees—or a pair of leather pants, if you happen to own some. Combine your lower look with a black tee or a tank top, and then a leather jacket thrown over the top. Then it’s ready, set and go, outfit-wise!

Studded chokers, metal chains and piercings can be a little OTT when worn all at once, so it’s best to pick a key piece that you can work into your outfit—and you can easily DIY these rock chick accessories. Plain black ribbon, which works well as an understated choker, can be picked up cheaply at a craft store, as an example.

If you’re going for a classic rock chick look, then you should definitely complete your look with biker boots—although a trusty pair of skate shoes (as long as they’re worn-looking) will also do the trick. A quality pair of shoes, no matter what look you’re going for, is always an important investment, so pay a little extra for something that’s going to last a while.

The best way to style your hair is to not style it at all. A messy, wavy and tousled do is the look that you’re aiming for, so all you really need is some product to keep it in shape for the day. Try the BED HEAD range by Tigi or Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Defining Creme to give your hair a bit of a bed hair boost.

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If there’s longevity in your rock chick look, then why not grab some clippers and take the plunge with a side hair shave? It’s a look that became fashionable several years back but has remained a popular choice for those wanting to make a creative statement with their hair.
If you decide to wear make-up to complete your rock chick look, then all you really need is an eyeliner pencil and a vibrant lipstick that’s going to make an impact. It’s best to go with pencil eyeliner rather than liquid, as it’s easier to smudge in order to achieve that smoky-eyed rock chick look (Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock’n’Kohl works a treat).
As for your precious pout, a matt lipstick also makes more of a statement. Red is a Courtney Love classic, but you could also try more of an orange palette, like Mac’s Neon Orange Amplified Lipstick. Pucker up, and off you go in all your rock chick glory.


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