Sip These Teas to Lose Weight, Perk Up or Even Just to Fall Asleep


You only live once, as they say. But, sometimes we can take that mantra too far and opt for the anything-goes approach. This can lead to you indulging in food and drink that you’re your mind and body little good at all.

You can, as a result, end up with some kind of ailment, whether that be a hard time getting to sleep, a downturn in your mood, or gaining some excess weight, for example. If you’re not quite your normal upbeat self then you might want to look at how the simple act of consuming various teas can help you get back to your best healthy-living lifestyle again in no time at all!

In case you didn’t know, tea is absolutely wonderful! Not only because it comes in such a vast variety of flavours, but it can help cure the things that hinder you in some capacity in your day-to-day life. What’s more, there’s pretty much a tea for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for from this tremendous tipple!

We think it’s much easier to find ways to be healthy these days, and herbal teas have become a prevalent part in this.

So, why don’t we take a look at six teas that will aid you in your quest for healthy-living?



Hibiscus is a tasty, aromatic herbal tea that you can introduce into life thanks to the calyces of the tropical hibiscus plant offering up wonderful benefits. Absolutely bursting with vitamin C; which helps with our overall health as well as antioxidants, this sweet-tasting brew is well-known for having the ability to lower blood pressure too.

You can sip in a chilled hibiscus tea or take it hot, the choice is yours. What’s more, if you’re suffering from lack of sleep, then hibiscus can help you to doze off, not to mention helping to make you feel calm, and assist in keeping weight under control. Once you start drinking hibiscus, you’ll wonder why you didn’t learn about it sooner!


You might think of dandelion as that troublesome weed that makes your garden look unsightly, but when served as a tea, you can bet that your opinion of the ‘weed’ will change!

Absolutely brimming with vitamins and minerals, if you make a dandelion tea in its purest form and incorporate the plant’s flowers, leaves and roots, or a combination of the three then you are in for a health-boosting beverage of superior quality.

Dandelion tea helps with digestion, cleansing the liver, relieves constipation, and lowers fluid retention. It’s also been known to reduce the discomfort and swelling from arthritis.


Camomile tea gives drinkers a satisfying and fragrant taste, and a sack full of cures for a wide range of ailments you might be dealing with.  

By drinking camomile tea, you can alleviate aches and pains, treat skin irritations and assist in lowering your stress levels. The Sleep Advisor website has often included the promotion camomile to gain a sound night’s sleep, which is just one more essential benefit this flower-derived tea can help with.

Camomile is a superhero-esque tea and will provide much more than we’ve listed above, in fact, Organic Facts note more of the benefits, which are quite impressive, we must say.

Fun fact: Did you know that more than 1 million cups of camomile are consumers around the world, every single day?


Cinnamon is a lovely choice that is often associated in the colder months due to its warming properties and connection with the festive season.

Giving the drinker warm and spicy flavours, cinnamon has been proven to fight off viruses, aids upset stomachs and can also help with diabetes.

Cinnamon can also be called upon to help with weight loss goals, so if you are looking to shed those extra few pounds, cinnamon is a go-to aide that you can include in your diet.

It’s important to remember that if you are using cinnamon you need to get Ceylon cinnamon or keep to smaller doses if you choose the Cassia variety because not all cinnamon is the same.

To explain this; the Cassia variety contains significant amounts of a compound called coumarin and this is thought to be unsafe if consumed in large doses.


Ginger tea is a super tea option to pour up if you want to feel reinvigorated. You can also expect some more ailment cures when you sip on a ginger tea too.

The upsides of including ginger tea in your daily life are plenty, and you can look forward to beating those nauseous feelings, should you have them, along with being a stress reliever, ginger strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and also reduces joint and muscle pain.

Additionally, ginger tea lowers cholesterol and is known to enhance in reaching weight loss targets.



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