Innovative Sew in Hairstyles


Sew in hairstyles… This innovative trend is extremely popular now and there’s a reason for that!

Girls and women mainly with natural hair love sew in hairstyles because of their beauty, versatility and uniqueness. Perhaps it’s hard to believe but today you also get a great chance to upgrade your hairdo in less than half an hour and, moreover, it really doesn’t matter how long and how thick your hair is as well as what your hair texture type is. Don`t miss this opportunity!

What Is Sew-In Hair?

If you have no idea how a sew-in weave works, you should know that a sew-in weave is hair extensions that are sewn to your existing hair. Firstly, your hair is braided down in a certain pattern (it depends on what look you want to get) and then the hair extensions are sewn to the braids.

Although, of course, you can compare sew in hairstyles with crochet braids, especially after watching the video. However, they actually bear a similarity, but the main advantage of sew-ins hair is the more secure way of styling.

Well, try sew in hair extensions, don’t deny yourself to get the dream hair that you always wished for. Go through these chic weave hairstyles and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Long and Sleek

A lot of women choose to get straight hair sew in style. But why? Although curls look glamorous and flirty, however, a long, straight sew-in weave looks really sexy and women realizes that! By the way, ladies with natural hair enjoy a hair texture that is completely different from their one.

Angled Bob with Curls

Bob is one of the most favorite hairstyle for sew in options among African American women. This hairstyle is so diverse and has a lot of variations. Just look at this angled bob. Nothing is easier than to mix it with wavy balayage and in such a way to create a wonderful look.  

Side-Swept Weave Hair

In case you prefer a more casual and natural look, you should draw attention to a sew-in with wavy hair. The cute and sexy waves are too good to be true, but they do look real and ideal for everyday life.

Long Lovely Bob

Simple, stylish and so feminine… Besides, this is the style and hair length that every girl can easily maintain and look great! Be sure you can never go wrong with shoulder length sew in hairstyles.

Straight Sew in Style

Do you want to spend less time on maintenance and at the same time look fabulous? Wear natural looking sew-ins. Just don`t forget to give extra attention to the natural hair at the hairline.

Ombre Sew In Hairstyle

Maybe you`re a kind of woman who prefer to show off various shades in the hair? So ombre hairstyles are what you really need. Start your ombre with a shade similar to your hair and continue moving to lighter tones.

Middle Part Sew in with Curls

As middle part hairdos never go out of style, you can wear a middle part sew-in weave without fear of being old-fashioned.

Hairstyle with Bright Colors

If you like bold hair ideas, try to diversify your hairstyle not only with sew-ins, but also with intense colors.

Cute Partial Sew In

When it comes to the short sew in styles, it’s impossible to ignore partial sew in. You can create a funky and fresh look simply by adding sew in extensions at the top.

Volume and Bouncy Curls

If you always wanted to have voluminous hairdo, curly sew in extensions help you to achieve the desired result. By the way, it is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to give your hair tons of volume and enjoy big hair.

Well, what do you think about sew in hairstyles? Which style have you already picked out for your weave?



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