How To Stop Hyperthyroidism And Lose Weight


Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism 

Hyperthyroidism is a fairly common condition and is the result of an imbalance in thyroid hormone production.

This hormone directly contributes to regulating our metabolism, so depending on severity many experience sudden changes in their weight.

When the thyroid hormone increases in your body, you may experience the following symptoms: 

  • Heart palpitations
  • A reduction in energy
  • Weight loss due to high body metabolism 
  • Weight gain due to higher intake
  • Mood changes and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Heat intolerance or hot flashes

These are the symptoms that show issues within your thyroid may be occurring. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe treatment using medication like Synthroid, so be sure to look into acquiring a Synthroid discount card.

Using medication or more drastic options, you may soon find yourself in a Hypothyroid state rather than a Hyperthyroid state. This change means that you will no longer have the skyrocketing metabolism but may still experience the increased hunger and begin to put on a good deal of weight.

In response, any treatment should be coupled with a renewed focus on exercise and a healthy diet. Of particular concern should be your salt intake, which may be a focal point in your thyroid treatment, as the iodine in salt is a key component in producing thyroid hormone naturaly.

Treatments and therapies for hyperthyroidism Treatments and therapies for hyperthyroidism 

In most cases, hyperthyroidism patients end up either going for radioactive-iodine ablation therapy or thyroidectomy. But unfortunately, studies have pointed out that regardless of the treatment method you choose, you are going to gain weight eventually. 

It has been uncovered by researchers that patients who go for thyroidectomy, radioactive iodine ablation, or use hyperthyroid medication gain approximately 10-25 pounds in the first three months while undergoing therapy. This is a serious issue which is mostly an effect of not understanding the body functions of the thyroid hormone. 

Different therapies available for patients 


This is a process associated with the removal of the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland is removed, you will rely on thyroid hormone replacement as long as you live. The downside of this treatment is that replacing the hormone is not done efficiently, and this makes the patient gain weight. 

Radioactive iodine ablation 

In this procedure, the thyroid gland is damaged using ablation therapy. Now, depending on the degree of damage, the patient enters a state of hypothyroidism and is in need of thyroid hormone replacement. 

Beta-blocker medication 

In this treatment, you can purchase beta blockers using the Synthroid discount card. The beta blockers are used to reduce the effect of thyroid hormone that is circulating through reducing T4 to T3 conversion. This treatment is used temporarily until thyroidectomy, or radioactive iodine ablation is done. 

In summary, get medical help for your hyperthyroidism. Author Mark Alvarado has been able to see the benefits of patients using the discount card to get medications.


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