How to Pick the Right Lenses and Frames for Your Eyeglasses


Fashionable eyeglasses come and go but choosing a pair that will accentuate your face shape is the best decision.

Whether you are buying your eyeglasses from physical or online stores such as Lenses Online, the following tips will come in handy:

Picking the Right Frames

The Right Frames for Your Face

If you have a round face, you can buy rectangular frames to make it appear longer. People with oval faces should opt for frames that are wider than their foreheads to balance their facial features. You should choose narrow and oval frames to make a square face look softer and longer.

The Best Frames for Your Skin and Hair Color

Blond and light skin – you should opt for olive tortoiseshell or medium brown frames if your skin is fair. A medium to light shade of blue or green will also go well with your light hair and skin color.

Silver hair – burgundy and blue frames look best on people with silver hair. However, you should stay away from tortoiseshell and burgundy frames because they will wash out your skin tone.

Red hair – if you are a redhead, you should opt for warm browns, tortoiseshell, and rich hennas when choosing frames for your eyeglasses.

Medium/dark skin and brown hair – you can pick any color for your frames as long as it is not too overwhelming. Muted reds, tortoiseshell, and burgundy colors favor brown-haired and brown-skinned people.

You also need to consider the heaviness of the glasses on your face. Just remember that lenses have not weighed down the frames yet. Do you prefer nose pads? They can keep your glasses high up on your nose. Some people don’t like nose pads because they put indentations on their noses and do not keep eyeglasses from dropping down.


Choosing Frames for Trifocal or Bifocal Lenses

If you have special lenses, you can ask your optometrist for help when choosing frames. The frames that you choose should have enough space to accommodate the trifocal or bifocal lenses. If you need multiple prescription frames, you should avoid narrow frames because they will affect your prescription. The best frames for special lenses are standard square, oval, and round frames.

Best Lenses for Glasses

Polycarbonate lenses – these are lighter, thinner, and more scratch-resistant than normal plastic lenses. Moreover, they are your best option if you have an active lifestyle because polycarbonate offers UV protection and is impact resistant.

Trivex lenses – these are made from an even thinner and lighter material that resembles polycarbonate. If you have refractive vision errors, trivex glasses can improve your eyesight even more.

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Aspheric lenses – they have varying degrees of curvature. If you have a strong prescription, you will benefit from high-index lenses that are not too thick.

Photochromic lenses – they have substances that react to sunlight by darkening the lenses. The lenses do not always darken when inside cars because the windows tend to block UV rays. If you are always driving, you should consider buying prescription sunglasses to keep the harsh light away.

You can also buy normal lenses and have them coated with special coating such as scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and UV-protective coatings. If you have problems with bright lights, you can opt for tinted lenses. Gray tint will minimize glare without affecting the colors but yellow tint will only increase contrast. Mirror coatings will give you privacy while reducing the glare of light.


Whether you want to choose the right frames or lenses for your eyeglasses, the above tips will come in handy. Make sure that you choose lenses that will optimize functionality and meet your aesthetic needs.


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