How to Find the Best Body Shaver for Your Needs


While in the past, people used blades and other substitutes for shaving purposes, things are different nowadays. Gone are the days when one had to do everything manually, as the modern grooming routine is pretty much entirely automated.

And considering we (a.i. millennials) are one of the busiest and fastest generations in recent history, any device that helps people save even a couple of minutes is a godsend.

A sturdy, high-quality body shaver helps you get a smooth and clean shave in a matter of minutes. But with such a wide array of choices out there, you might feel understandably confused. In this article, we will be highlighting a few key features to look for when shopping, but we do recommend you consult a guide to body shavers that focuses on product reviews before purchasing one.

Why Bother with Body Shavers?

Body shavers are extremely useful tools to have both for men and women because they offer a fast and efficient all-in-one solution for body grooming. The best devices combine power, versatility and

durability in one package. Typically, you can think of it as an 1-1 exchange – for an hour’s worth of charging time, you get an hour of runtime, which is more than enough to cover (well, uncover) the entire body.

But the best thing about body shavers is that their utility goes beyond what the name suggests. People can buy all sorts of attachments, such as auxiliary trimmers – which can range from beard trimmers hair trimmers, eyebrow trimmers to mustache trimmers, stubble trimmers and nose hair trimmers -, combs and other stuff.


Body Shaver Coverage

While body shavers are designed to technically cover all the body, in some cases, they can fall short in certain areas. Every body shaver has a specific ‘’area of expertise’’. Some are good at grooming the head, while others are best suited for trimming the beard. A certain brand or line of body shavers might be good at eliminating that annoying coarse back hair, while others are best suited to softer hairs.

However, even if, for instance, you need a body shaver for chest hair and you pick one for back hair by accident, you can install a set of attachments and work from there. The most common attachments that you can find are hair trimmers and beard trimmers. Both of them feature between 6 and 18 length systems, so you can easily adjust on the go.

Less common, but still useful attachments include ear and nose trimmers, followed immediately by precision trimmers. The first two attachments do exactly what you would expect, while a precision trimmer is best suited to jobs that require a certain degree of finesse. As a side note, if you have sensitive skin, you can opt for foil blade shavers. Due to the fact that they feature a thin metal foil, the blades will not have direct contact with your skin, preventing irritations and other nasty issues.

Wet vs. Dry Body Shavers

The next step is choosing a type of body shaver. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of body shavers: wet and dry. The wet ones (meaning they are resistant to the effects of water) are, in turn, divided in two other subcategories: waterproof and partly waterproof. Waterproof body shavers are generally used with shaving foam or gel to get a more precise groom and to prevent sensitive skin from developing irritations, pimples and redness. On the other hand, you can use them on moisturized skin as well if that is your thing.

Going further, dry body shavers are in some respects superior to the waterproof versions because they can be used on the go. For instance, if you notice that you have missed a spot and you are already at the office, you can take a quick trip to the bathroom and handle the issue without anybody noticing. However, they are quite rough for people with sensitive skin, so you should exercise precaution with them.

Fortunately for everybody involved, there is a third category of body shavers that we have not mentioned yet. If you don’t lean into one camp and another, you can opt for combination wet and dry body groomers. By picking such a device, you get the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the convenience of shaving under the shower and saving a lot of time, after which you can stuff it into your backpack and use it on the go if need be.

Corded vs. Battery Powered

As obvious as this choice might seem (who needs cords today, they are so 2002), corded, batterypowered and cordless body shavers have a series of advantages and disadvantages, so you should not disqualify the former solely because it does not run on batteries.

First, let us talk about cordless body shavers. These are, by far, the most common and appreciated devices. Having a rechargeable battery is not only convenient, but also financially sound. However, in some cases, you might end up in the awkward situation in which the shaver runs out of juice before completing your shave.

Battery powered body shavers are ideal if you are always on the go and you do not mind carrying a few spare batteries after you. Although, long term, buying batteries can prove much more expensive than buying a rechargeable body shaver, it certainly beats carrying a charging station wherever you are traveling.


This is all you need to know before buying a body shaver – it all comes down to deciding between corded vs battery powered, wet and dry, and what attachments are best suited to your daily routine. Make sure to read through our brief guide, and you will have an easier time deciding.


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