How to create a garden celebrities have?


Whether you have a mansion-like private house surrounded by a spacious piece of land or a bungalow-style dwelling with a cramped back area, no dream home image is complete without a well-groomed garden or yard creating an inviting sanctuary to leisure in and making your house exterior complete.

Modern magazines and numerous articles and post in the Internet give us a chance to peek into stunning gardens and backyards of celebrities to have an idea how a perfect house adjoining area should look like.  

Star Gardens Upon Closer Look

As strange as it might seem, not all celebrity gardens have a pompous and sublime design. And who said they should? Despite their publicity and popularity, many famous people, be it actors or well-known businessmen, prefer pretty simple solutions without going into intricate landscaping patterns and bizzare outdoor decorations.

The modern celebrity gardening trend leans toward a lush and natural garden view based on well-thought combinations of trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers and other plants with man-made lakes, ponds, and streams settling a close-to-wildlife atmosphere and seamlessly blended with simple garden furniture like benches, deck chairs, rattan tables and armchairs, couches, and parasols for garden to create spots for comfortable rest and leisure.

Give Your Garden a Touch of Celebrity Style

To establish a unique garden design, you do not necessarily have to invest a lot. We hope several simple gardening ideas you’ll find below will set a tone for your garden style and help you make a step towards the garden of your dream.


Let the shapes enter your garden. One of the easiest ways to put a twist on your outdoor space is to give your lawn some distinct shape – a circle, an oval, a diamond, triangle or even a crescent using a bare part to arrange a beautiful flower bed or shrubbery. To shape the lawn, you will only need a string trimmer and a spade normally present in any gardener arsenal.

Spruce up the pathways. Instead of paving paths and a patio area (if you have one) which is pretty expensive, you can use more affordable yet not less beautiful gravel to highlight paths and make them more comfortable to walk. To add some decorative effect and define the path edges, you can also use light pebbles and rustic stones or rocks.

Plant up. To save budget on buying flowers and decorative vegetation every year and add color splashes to your outdoor space, go for perennials that will keep your garden bright and eye-catching for several years.

Don’t forget about illuminations.

Using outdoor lights for accentuating some spots and areas outdoors as well as for setting a certain mood or creating a special atmosphere is an extremely popular and easy-to-apply gardening and landscaping know how. Use small lanterns, wall-mounted fittings, and cordless solar lights to make your yard or garden look enchanting and enigmatic at night.


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