Hottest and Fabulous Brown Caramel Hair Colour Ideas For 2018


Rich, warm caramel hair is a fantastic colour for brunettes! Some variations may be more profound while others are pretty light. However, all the variations of this shade scheme are delicious and super warm. You will ascertain that after reading this blog.

Browse down and see these beautiful brown caramel hair shades and you will be inspired to experiment with a new hue. From light and hot to darker and dreamy, the options are endless. Give it a shot, and you will disown your current hairstyle.

1. Shot of Caramel Brown Hair
A rich brown colour around the face makes this dark shade soft and keeps you on the current trend. It is an excellent haircut for ladies with medium to dark skin tones. To rock this cut for long, ensure the hair is kept healthy and shiny. Consider also weekly deep conditioning for a superb result on your look.


2. Caramel Brown Hue
You can give your face a new uplift with this chocolate brown caramel hair. Complement this shade combo with waves for a fantastic finish. It looks great on light to medium skin tones that look great on warm colours. The layering of the tresses around the face presents a firm base for the accents to frame the face beautifully.

Caramel Brown Hue

3. Caramel Brown with Buttery Blonde
The combination of brown colours and buttery blonde that vary in intensity and lightness give the hair depth and dimension for a wonderful glow. It looks great on women with light skin tone. For a more glam look, maintain the hair underneath darker. It indeed presents a natural touch to this blonde caramel hair style.

4. Ashy Caramel Hair
The flow of ashy brown highlights from the scalp to the trimmings adds a great richness to the colour while keeping the style simple and easy to maintain. An ideal style for light to medium skin tones. The highlights can be kept effortlessly by alternating styling between partial and full highlights. Consult your stylist to know whether this will work for you.


5. Caramel Brown Ombre with Accents
Lightening the trimmings of your tresses creates a fun and trendy look that is ridiculously effortlessly to maintain. It rocks medium to light skin. We recommend you go for a specific caramel hair. Having a picture of what you want helps your stylist know how to place the highlights and the right shade to use.

6. Light Caramel Brown Hair Perfection
Bright colours of caramel hair following the rich brown presents a flattering lightness. Keeping the base dark offers great depth, creating the best colour combo for the style. It rocks light to medium skin tones that look great on multi-dimensional colours.

Light Caramel Brown Hair Perfection

7. Warm Brown Toffee Hair

Just as sweet toffee bar, this colour combo is extra delicious. Just the correct amount of depth and lightness paired with beautiful curls will give you several head-turns wherever you go. Hair that starts at a medium warm brown is an ideal canvas for these tremendous face-framing highlights.

Warm Brown Toffee Hair

8. Caramel Brown with Highlights

Sleek, flowing caramel light brown accents through a rich, deep tone brown is ever in style. Match it with a stylish twist updo, and you will be ready for a night out or an afternoon party. If you want this look, go for partial highlights. This gives you lightness around the face and on the top head, allowing the darkness and depth to stay underneath.

Caramel Brown with Highlights

9. Glazed Caramel Hair and Brown Colour

Light brown hair accentuated with caramel glaze maintains the tresses looking fresh and stunning. It is ideal for light to medium skin tones that look good on warmer hues such as oranges, yellows and reds. If you are not sure whether you need a permanent hair shade, this is perfect look to experiment with semi-permanent hues.


10. Light Caramelised

Sometimes less is more. Subtly lighter and caramelised accents give your face a livelier look and enhance the texture of the curly hair. It is ideal for light to medium skin tones that looks fantastic in warm tones. However, you are warned not to overdo the soft highlights. They should be as subtle as possible.

11. Caramel Highlights in Light Brown

A smooth brown shade with enhanced caramel hair accents brightens your face and is great for year-round hue scheme. Ideal for light skins that look fabulous in softer colours. Hair that is blonde to light blonde is a perfect starting point for releasing this colour.

12. Lush Dark Brown

Dar and rich brown caramel hair with light pieces give this hue texture and style, either with or without curls. It rocks medium to dark skin that looks beautiful in dark burgundy navy, and the blacks roll it best. Opting for some curls can make any dull day bright and offer you a ‘dressed up’ feel.

13. Peek-A-Boo Caramel Brown Colour

The light blonde with rich brown caramel highlights flowing through the upper layers and underneath presents an office-friendly look to this colour. Medium to dark skin tones looks wear it comfortably. However, we advise that you be very specific about where you need the blonde to peek out. Discuss it with your stylist so that she can give you the correct amount of peek-a-boo.

Caramel Highlights in Light Brown

14. Sleek Golden Caramel Brown Hair

This caramel is both gorgeous and luscious. Subtly lighter trimmings and dark highlights aid to give this colour combo a more natural look. Caramel hair colour that augments perfectly well tend to appear more natural and stunning. It is suitable for light to medium skin tones that looks beautiful in different warm shades. If you decide to go for this colour, do some research on social media to get ideas on some creative colour works you will expect.

15. Chocolate Balayage Hair

When you see this, the idea of Carmelo candy bar comes into your mind. The vibrant colours are perfectly blended in a glamorous style.


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