Black Lace Wedding Dresses for the Edgy Bride


Not just any bride can pull off a black lace wedding dress. This option is for that daring, edgy and alternative bride who is completely unique and confident enough to go where others aren’t.

For this bride, we have here a choice of black wedding dresses, which look stunning in lace and would make even the most daring bride leap for joy. We can say you haven’t truly tried it all until you have tried wedding dresses with black lace.

Are you that modern, classy and open minded bride we imagine? Why don’t you browse the romantic black lace dress options we’ve laid, and find out?

  • White with Black Lace Wedding Dress – Sometimes in a bid to spice up dark wedding gowns, designers add a bit of color, which ultimately provides more options with styles. Adding a bit of white to a black wedding dress or a bit of black to a white wedding dress can add emphasis to an already fabulous design.
  • Red and Black Lace Wedding Dress – Depending on the theme of your wedding; be it fairytale or bohemian, another color which could be great to pair with your black lace wedding dress is red. That deep red that can be a lovely bed for black lace. Whether you’re making a black lace wedding dress with sleeves or a simple halter neck gown or sleeveless. A touch of red might be just what your choice of black lace wedding dress needs.
  • Short White and Black Wedding Dresses – For that creature of comfort who would like to kick her heels off for a summer or beach wedding, a short wedding dress can be delightful and fun. Also, when going for the black lace wedding dress look, as we’ve mentioned before, a pop of other color isn’t bad. And nothing like the contrast of white on black to make that dress stand out.
  • Ivory and Black Lace Wedding Dress – Ivory on black lace is divine, and also great for the bride who doesn’t want the sharp contrast of white and black, but still wants a bit of bright on her dark choice. Accessorize with the right pearls or jewelry of choice, and you are sure to be the most glam bride of the season.

Woman and man in black clothes outdoors. Black wedding dress.

So there we have it. For whatever reason you’re choosing a black lace wedding dress, being an edgy and alternative bride, you will be spoiled for choice. It’s also of value to note that these black lace wedding dresses in certain locations, cost way less than their white classic counterparts.

So if you’re looking for black american wedding dresses, or just any type of black lace wedding dresses; enjoy. The odds are definitely in your favor for an edgy and fun filled wedding.


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