Indulge in kiss-proof color with Benefit Cosmetics cheek & lip stains


Some makeup wonders achieve cult status with the speed of light among beauty lovers around the world. Such was the case with Benefit Cosmetics cheek & lip stains. These makeup wonders add a pop of kiss-proof color for lips and cheeks that lasts for hours. These colors are naturally sheer and sexy on all skin complexions. So if you are still not a pro when it comes to applying blushes and this takes up mush of your time when you need to apply your makeup fast, these color stains will become your must-have beauty saviors.

With especially catch name “Benetint”, this stain is a rose-tinted shade but it also comes in 3 shades: Chachatint (a mango hue), Posietint (poppy pink) and Lollitint (candy orchid).


– Benetint is a rose-tinted lip & cheek stain ($30.00) and it was originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, and it will add a sexiest pop of color to your beauty routine. How to apply? Brush three strokes on the apples of your cheeks & blend quickly with fingertip. Apply on lips & blend. For a deeper “pop” of color, repeat.


– Posietint is a poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain ($30.00). This poppy-pink tinted stain brightens cheeks & lips with a cheery flush and natural finish. Kiss-proof & nuzzle-proof, the liquid-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours. How to use it? For the most even flush, dab posietint on our foundation brush and blend on one cheek at a time.


– Chachatint is a mango tinted lip & cheek stain ($30.00). This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips & cheeks with a tropical coral hue. Smooch-proof & smudge-proof, our sheer stain has a natural finish that will leave you looking deliciously vibrant for hours. How to use? For the most even flush, dab chachatint on our foundation brush and blend on one cheek at a time.


– Lollitint is a candy-orchid tinted lip & cheek stain ($30.00). Give your cheeks an instant dose of flirty color that is smudge-proof and smooch-proof color which lasts. How to use it? Brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertips. Repeat on other side. Dab on lips & blend.




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