Revamping Your Man’s Style


Why not revamp your man’s style by getting him to choose from the various trendy facial hairstyles? A beard complements a man’s looks and has the ability to transform a man’s image.


It is however important to note that they type of facial hairstyle your man chooses depends on some factors.

The shape of the face needs to be considered because a style that looks great on another man may not be right for your man. Men should do is experiment with the different styles till they identify one that suits them.

There are quite a number of facial hairstyles you and your man can choose from; first order of business, make sure he knows what it takes to maintain a beard.

Short Stubble

The short stubble is easily the simplest of all the beard styles. It is not only easy to maintain but also appropriate for all face shapes. This is a great style for men who want to look tidy by maintaining minimal facial hair. Keeping this style doesn’t require much effort. The goal is to leave the beard unshaved for 23 days, then trim to keep it short. It is also advisable for men to shave hairs on their neck area. A beard balm keeps the beard nourished and prevents itching.


Stubble (medium)

There are men who prefer to have short facial hair (short stubble) and then there are those who want it a bit longer. The ideal stubble is usually 35 mm long and is a style for men of all face shapes. Considering that the hair is a tad longer, it could be scruffy, hence the need for a product like beard oil to improve its appearance. One can easily maintain this style by ensuring that hair on the neck and cheek area is shaved. A good trimmer is required because the man will need to trim the beard at least once a week.

Long Stubble

The long stubble is usually about 6mm in length. As compared to the short and medium stubble, this beard style is more difficult to maintain because it requires one to trim stray hairs which grow above the Adam’s apple or on the cheeks. To maintain this style, the man should to wait till the beard reaches 6mm this could take a week or two depending on the rate of growth. A shaver or trimmer is a valuable tool in the maintenance of the long stubble.

Full beard

Which man doesn’t want a full beard? This style gives a manly look and makes one attractive. Men have grown a full beard for centuries yet it had never lost its magic. The face shape for this style is; triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond. Men who want a full beard should stay up to six weeks without shaving. When the facial hair has grown to the level of the medium stubble, it should be shaved to maintain the look as it continues to grow. For this style, you’ll need to tell your man shampoo your beardusing HiLee or other leading beard care brands to cleanse the beard and keeps it healthy. Beard oil is also another great product for this style as it hydrates, moisturizes and keeps the facial hair soft.


While most men obsess over growing a beard, some just want to get rid of all of all their facial hair. A clean shaven look is fit for the suits type guy who wants to thrive in the corporate world. It has become a popular facial hairstyle in the past few years. A man should regularly shave to maintain this look so a shave cream, trimmers/razors are necessary.

Extended goatee

This beard style is a combination of the moustache and a goatee. It sets itself apart from the full beard because it involves getting rid of the hairs on the side burns. Men with oval and square faces can rock this style comfortably. To achieve this style, a man should allow the beard to grow to medium stubble, shave hairs on the sideburns and leave the moustache as it is. After this the width should be adjusted to the size the man prefers. Shavers and trimmers are vital in achieving this style. A beard comb will line up the hairs to bring out the shape that your man desires.

Circle beard

Commonly referred to as the standard beard, it combination of two beard styles: the moustache and the rounded goatee. It portrays tidiness and is popular with men who want to keep a beard and still look presentable in public. The circle beard is perfect for men with round or oval face shapes. To achieve the look: A man should ensure that he has grown enough facial hair to make it easier to trim. For first timers, it is necessary get a barber to shape it for them and then do the regular trimming and shaping thereafter.

A beard style has the ability to completely transform a man, even significantly improve his appearance, which will work well for you. Last word of advice though. Choosing a beard style, even going through the initial phase of growing and trimming is engaging. The ‘trouble’ starts when you, or actually, he, hit the long and monotonous beard maintenance plateau. He will need your there. It all boils down to two things: beard shampoo ultra soft to keep the facial hair clean and smelling nicely and beard oil for moisturizing and styling. If you can get him to get these two products and use them regularly, you’ve done your part in revamping your man’s style.


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