Adult Themes – A DIY Guide to Planning the Ultimate 18th Birthday Bash


Turning 18 is the beginning of adulthood, with so many new opportunities and adventures just around the corner! But before adult life kicks in, it’s time to party like an adult. Here are some of the best tips on what you really need to consider when throwing an 18th birthday party and how to make it a special event for everyone.

While some 18 year olds might think they’re too old for a theme, it can still be a great excuse to get dressed up and have some fun. Everybody loves a fancy dress party, and there are more than enough grown up themes to choose from. If the birthday boy or girl has a particular interest, try and pin the theme around that.

Not all of us were born in summer with perfect weather, so we have to take the time of year in mind when planning a party. This plays a major role in areas such as choosing a theme, place and even when people are free as you want to maximise comfort, fun and also can increase to body count.

While you just stick with a playlist or a phone plugged into some speakers, some more exciting entertainment can really elevate a party. If you can, try and work it in with the theme. For example, getting a photo booth in Sydney for a fancy-dress party, or if your guests are just going to want to dance the night away, you can hire a professional DJ or band to elevate things to the next level. Entertainment largely depends on the what the guests are into, budget and what the birthday boy or girl are into

If you want to vamp things up to the next level, try booking a venue for your party, rather than having a house party. If your inviting all of your Facebook friends or year level, the last thing you want is all of them ruining your house; making you stress all night. So, why not dump the mess on someone else? Whether it is a hall, apartment, local football club or a restaurant, a good venue can make or break a party.

Whether we keep it small or make it large, guests are a crucial part of a party, but they can cause some drama. When planning the party, take into account all the factors, such as the age of your guests, and if there will be drinking (which there most definitely will be), whether they will bring a note. Is the family invited, do some people have issues with others? Sometimes, throwing two parties is a great option, as most people want to celebrate with family but don’t want their nan to see them drunk with their friends.

Food and Drinks
Are you going to hire a caterer, get take out, or just do it yourself? Having food at parties is a must, especially if alcohol is there. However, sometimes our budget doesn’t cover getting a caterer and we have to DIY. With that said, this isn’t the end of the world. You can ask guests to bring $10 each for pizza, or go to the store and buy a whole heap of food to keep in the freezer till then.

Drinks are another must. Whether it is alcohol or non-alcoholic, you need to have some. Alcohol, however, can be very expensive, so asking your guests to BYO their own alcohol can save you a lot of money. However, in doing that, it is polite to supply non-alcoholic drinks for those how can’t or don’t drink.

Turning 18 is one of the major stepping stones in live and can be one of the funnest. With all the tips, the main thing to remember is good company and a happy attitude will make any night magical.


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