6 Tips to stay fab during a concert in summer


Your favorite band is going to play, and you can’t resist even knowing the heat outside might cook your brain?

Well, it won’t be that bad. You just need to take some precautions, and you will be found. Speaking of which, following we will give you some life saving tips.

Take a Hat with You
No need to remind you that sun strays strong during summer months. It can bake you in open spaces if you are exposed for long. This is why you better wear a hat and cover yourself. It keeps the giant heat ball from directly boiling your head.
If you aren’t sure what the weather will be during the concert, then you better get a foldable hat or cap that you can put in your purse or pocket. But make sure the cap successfully shade and shields you while complimenting your attire.


Invest in Some Multi-Tasking Products
You never know how long you will be at the concert. Therefore you should opt for a minimum look that needs low maintenance.
Lighten up your load by packing up multi-tasking products. Cutoff the clutter with two in one solution like Moisturizer+ Sunblock, and compact Palettes with shades you can apply on cheeks, lips, and eyes. This is your ideal baggage if you are going to stay there for a while.

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Switch to Dry Shampoo
When it comes to crowded places with high temperature, you won’t keep your look fresh. But you can make sure your hair remains clean no matter what with a dry shampoo. These shampoos are designed to be sprayed and freshen your look.
It’s a perfect festival accessory, and an outdoor hair solution even if you are camping. So make sure your pack a dry shampoo as well for your trip.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen
Before you go out, you need to apply an SPF 90 or higher sunscreen. Take the sunscreen with you for the whole day, and reapply after every 2 hours to ensure your skin doesn’t get scorched from the sun. You can use a multi-tasking sunscreen as well to save some space in your bag.

Forget Heavy Makeup
The trick to look fab during the whole concert is avoiding heavy makeup. Yes, if you make your face with makeup, you will soon find it dripping it off your face. So go for a minimalistic look that doesn’t need much maintenance.
Makeup will soon melt, but you can apply a clay mask to get rid of residual skin oil and help the makeup to keep itself together for long. So, prepare your look before you go out and buy Cheap Bangtan Boys Tickets.

Get Some Blotting Papers
Don’t use powder to control your shine. Swap them up with blotting papers as they effectively absorb excess oil to leave behind a pretty sheen. Not to mention, you will need them very often in the hot temperature and ever tiring dancing vibe. These papers will pair up with multi-tasking products, and make sure your look doesn’t get destroyed.

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