5 Tips on How to Perfectly Apply Eyeshadow


When it comes to applying makeup, we can’t all have a professional makeup artist around all day every day to help us properly line our lips and put on our mascara. 

We can’t all be like Kylie Jennerwho is not only a makeup queen herself but also runs bestseller makeup label.

Instead of relying on others to make sure our smoky eye is killing it for that big event, we can just take a few tips and learn to properly apply eyeshadow ourselves.

Here are some quite essential and easy tips for proper application and a fabulous look.

1. Primer is important
Many people think you can simply skip this first step, but primer is important, especially if you want your look to last all day long. Those summer months can bring about sweat and even if you just had greasy eyelids, keeping eyeshadow on all day is a difficult job. This is why primer is so important. Grab a great primer and apply it with a makeup brush, finger, or Q-tip. Allow it to dry before you move on to the next step of the process.

Even if you want to try that awesome new blue eyeshadow tutorial you saw on a beauty site or Instagram, you still need an amazing primer to help seal in all that gorgeous color for hours to come.

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2. Go Neutral First
Never skip the neutral. Neutral colors are a great way to get your look started. Begin with a light shade for your base, which can be found in a great palette. You should use this color to cover your entire eyelid from the crease to the corners, both inner and outer. Don’t go for the darkest
shade you have, and don’t go for the lightest shade either. 

Find that sweet spot right in between that matches with your skin tone. This is similar to contouring and highlighting the face; you need to start with a neutral base. It is important to help act as the foundation for the rest of your shadow.

3. Blend, Blend, Blend
Next, you’re going to want to start adding darker colors to your lid. If you have a larger palette, choose the darkest color for edgier looks or just a simple darker shade for everyday looks. Start from the inside area of your eye, and move toward the outer corner. You will want to thicken your line as you move outward. Once you have the color you want on the lid, begin to blend. 

You will want to use a crease brush to ensure that you are applying the eyeshadow to the right area and not just to the entire eyelid. Then you can use a medium brush to blend the colors for a flawless look.

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4. Highlights Below the Brow
Once you have all of your colors blended, then you need to highlight just above the crease and below the eyebrow. Use a light color, and avoid getting the color on your browbone. Use the lightest color you have in your palette, and blend. 

5. Corner Time
Don’t forget about those corners. The corners of your eyes are important because they can make your eyes pop when done correctly. Use a light shade for the inside corner of your eyes. Many makeup artists use this as a trick to help make anyone’s eyes look wider and brighter. 

You can use your pinkie finger, dip it in your lightest shade, and just dab it into the inside corner of your eye. Putting too much color in the corner looks so obvious, but just a little is perfect for making your eyes look bright.

To conclude… Having a great look doesn’t take a professional. In fact, you can learn to do your eye makeup just as well as professional by taking just a few tips from the pros. 

Finish your eyeshadow look off, add some eyeliner, some falsies, or a great mascara to make your eyes pop for any occasion. Pair a simple eye look with a bold lipstick or just a simple gloss for a bolder eye look. 

No matter what you are going for, it doesn’t have to feel like a classical painting to get just the right looks. It’s so easy that everyone can do it.


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