5 Bangs Haircuts In Trend This Year


Bangs haircuts have seen major changes over the years.

They went from sleek, lady-like styles to over-the-top styles, and this year we have few different trends.

Whenever a celebrity comes out with a new style, we all try to recreate it. When it comes to bangs, many people are hesitant because cutting the hair that short is a commitment.

Bangs haircuts are worth committing to because they’re always trendy and chic. Besides, everyone can find a bangs hairstyle that fits their face shape the best.


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Blunt Yet Classy

Who says that simple hairstyles can’t be special? It’s all about how you wear it! Blunt bangs are already a major trend this year. Business women love it the most. This bangs haircut is also becoming popular among women with baby faces because it makes them look more serious.

Our celebrity inspiration: Bella Hadid

This year is the year of Bella Hadid. She’s everywhere! When she came out with her new bangs haircut, we all loved it because it suits her style perfectly. She proves that bangs can look great on anyone.


All On One Side

What happens when you get tired of your bangs? You swipe them on one side and continue enjoying your trendy haircut! This asymmetrical look will enhance your unique facial features. A lot of women are already jumping on this bandwagon. Already, there are so many side swept bangs to try out in 2018. The possibilities are endless.

Our celebrity inspiration: Emma Stone

This year’s queen of side swept bangs is definitely Emma. She rocks them better than any other celebrity. It matches her overall laid-back style so well. So, if your favorite style is also more laid-back, then this style of bangs is for you too.

Short But Cute

There’s no easier way to look trendy and chic than with choppy micro bangs. Not only are they very easy to style, but they also look fantastic on everyone. It’s no wonder that this bangs haircut is everywhere this year. But, be careful with this haircut. Don’t do it by yourself, because you can cut your bangs too short. There’s no turning back from there! Visit a trustworthy hair stylist and get your perfect short bangs.


Our celebrity inspiration: Emma Watson

The first celebrity that we all associate short bangs with is Emma Watson. She’s had short bangs in the past, too. This year, she went all out. She showed us that short bangs can go great with a bob haircut.

Curly Girls Have More Fun

Who says that women with curly hair can’t get stunning bangs haircuts? Bangs on curly hair look flirty and add extra volume to their fabulous hair. They’re also very easy to style. It’s a trendy lazy-girl look that so many of us are trying out this year. This bangs haircut is great to try out with bold hair colors. Even at first glance, this style will let everyone know how fun you are.

Our celebrity inspiration: Rihanna
When Rihanna embraced her natural curls, it encouraged many other girls to do the same. She basically created this year’s curly bangs trend. Bangs haircuts are bigger than ever this year. With so many celebrities choosing this haircut, it’s hard to resist and not try it out. So, get over your fear of bangs and have some fun with your hair!


Images: StyleBistro


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