4 Ways to Look Fashionable and Sexy With the Maxi Dresses


Summer and maxi dresses have an old connection; so much that Hollywood actresses would also flaunt it in their routine lives or on the red carpet.

A maxi dress is not only something that could be worn in the evening outing but, anytime in the summer. Maxi dresses are graceful as they add an extra charm to your persona.

Although it is a famous summer outfit, there are ways of wearing it instead of just putting it on. There are numerous types of maxi dresses, but, to show off the right look, you need to know certain things that enhance your maxi dress look.

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1. Have different flows with your dress

Having a flow with your maxi dress simply means that let it be a full and flowy skirt look. Gone are those days when maxi would be imagined as a simple outfit covering the body from shoulder to toe with no style or trend attached to it. If you are getting a new maxi or you already have a few, make sure your maxi has a cut-out at the waist, or zigzag design at the bottom, a backless or halter neck look.

Remember that maxi dresses have been there for ages, the only new things are its peekaboo elements coming and going out of trends. Use those trends to set a new style statement among others.

2. Choose the right shoes to wear with our maxi dress

Whichever shoe you pick to wear with your maxi, the first thing you should remember is that your dress should brush the top of your feet. The type of your footwear depends a lot on what type of maxi you are wearing and where you are heading to. If it is a night out, wear high heels.

If it is just for a casual outing or for shopping groceries, have it with sneakers; it would keep you in your comfort zone for many hours. A flip-flop sandal is perfect if you are going to a beach, whereas wedges would be an accurate match if it is just another date night with your girl-gang. Choose your footwear wisely to create a tall, sexy and elegant impression.

3. Throw a jacket or a cardigan over your maxi dress

Getting a denim jacket looks absolutely stunning in the day time and same applies to the leather jacket for an evening dinner or party night. You can have anything with it, a pair of wedges or heels or sneakers as most of the attention would be caught by your jacket or cardigan. Yeah, cardigan definitely adds a classic look to your personality.

Even though your choice of a shrug/cardigan or jacket depends on the occasion, you are advised to wear it confident attitude and mark how flawless you appear to be. Jackets make you look younger and fresher than you age. Moreover, denim jackets have a neutral color that goes with any kind of maxi dress and with any skin color. These leather jackets offer a sassy and chic look. Added benefit: a short jacket or shrug would create an illusion to give a look of longer legs.

4. Get a belt around your waist

Wearing maxi dress with a belt around your waist gives you a sporty and posh look. A belt would make your waist look smaller ensuring a fine slim line of your body which would definitely make everyone jealous. Get a maxi dress with one side slit and get a belt to wear on it, now see yourself in the mirror and wonder if you can be more gorgeous than it.

Look around, it is summer and thus, you would find a huge range & discount on the dresses you are likely to buy. Why not to go for a maxi this time to bring a change as colorful as the summer environment? Patterns, colors, and prints are endless in maxi dresses, pick that suits you the best and flash it anywhere you like.


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  1. I used to hate maxi dresses because in the 1990s in my opinion maxi dresses used to look frumpy. Now, whenever I see maxi dresses I see a lot of different styles and there’s so many that I’ve come to really like. I’m going to have to browse around and add some maxis to my wardrobe.

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