4 simple ways to feel good in 2019


With the festive season already a distant memory, many of us are already looking forward to the clean slate and fresh start that is 2019.

The start of a new year can make us feel energised and ready to tackle anything; this year you’re going to take everything in your stride and make 2019 your year! So, where do you begin?

Well, read on for 4 simple ways to feel good in 2019 and get this nee year off to the best of starts!

Get a good skin routine
We all know how harsh the winter season is to our skin. Bitter winds, freezing temperatures and even the hot, dry heat from central heating all play havoc with our hands and faces. So, start the new year with a pledge to look after your skin and take better care of it. Don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and remove makeup before you go to bed. If you have dry skin then try to exfoliate twice a week to remove all those dead skin cells. If you’re feeling super indulgent then treat yourself to a new face cream. You can check out the best anti-aging eye creams here.

Drink more water
Forget all those fancy sports energy drinks that promise incredible results, huge energy boosts and detox teas that will solve all your problems. The only drink that will come close to any of that is water. The sad truth is that most of us just don’t drink enough! Drinking plenty of water boosts your brain function so you can perform better and you’re more alert. It’s also great for your skin too and helps to flush out all those nasty toxins. If you’re struggling to get the recommended 8/10 glasses per day then set yourself a challenge to have drunk so much by a certain time of day. Or treat yourself to a new water bottle to remind you to take a sip.

Have a social media cleanse
Social media is now a part of everyday life, and while it can have a positive effect, it can also have a pretty negative one too. If you’re accustomed to seeing negative articles, negative comments, abuse or things that are just not good for your mental health then you need to revaluate your social media habits. Try “snoozing” those news or political pages or muting those negative people on Facebook that are making you feel bad. You won’t miss it – promise.

See your Dr
A smear test you’ve been putting off, that annoying cough that won’t go away or that rash that keeps coming back. Whatever your medical hang ups start the year right and tackle them head on. Make an appointment to see your GP and get a health MOT. Get your blood pressure checked, your weight, BMI and all that kind of stuff. You can then talk about any physical or mental worries you have and take steps before things get worse. Your body will thank you for it – and it’ll be a weight off your mind too!


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